ZeroParallel - Microcredit Affiliate in the USA - Profit Hunter

ZeroParallel - Microcredit Affiliate in the USA - Profit Hunter

The collapse of the Russian currency and the flourishing of the dollar are very frustrating for many. However, the crisis can take advantage of themselves. So do the Russian partners of the ZeroParallel program (payday loan affiliate program), focused on the stable US microcredit market. Zabugornaya affiliate program offers very good payments for the lead: from 2 to 220 dollars, therefore, there is a chance to earn a good summer vacation. Let's take a closer look at what these leads represent and how you can earn.


  1. Essence of Payday Loans
  2. ZeroParallel Affiliate Overview
  3. What benefits does ZeroParallel
  4. How much TOP Partners earn
  5. Where to get traffic

The essence of Payday Loans

Payday Loans are microcredits that are highly in demand in the States. Typically, the loan amount is no more than 5 thousand dollars, and the debt is paid for 3 weeks, since it is unprofitable to hold it longer: the annual interest rate is just enormous (2000%). In other words, Americans very often take small amounts to paychecks.

The advantage of online microloans is that there is no need to go to the bank with a whole stack of documents, to languish in anticipation for several days. It is enough to send an online application - and you can take money for your needs almost immediately.

Payday Loans in the United States has been around for 20 years, while in Russia this market is just beginning to gain momentum. For the US, microcredit, and in general, life on credit is a very common, common phenomenon: they draw up a life-long mortgage, borrow money from banks to study. Why not if the percentage is small? At the same time, you can borrow some money to paycheck.

Since this phenomenon is very common, there is a lot to profit in the American market. So, how much can you earn on ZeroParallel and how to do it best?

ZeroParallel affiliate review

As we already said, the cost of a lead varies from 2-220 dollars. Why such a big run? The cost of a lead is determined by what state the leader came from, what age and social status of the person taking the loan (the military does not give loans), his credit and banking history, the size of the loan. For example, the most expensive applications are made by people aged 24-53 from the state of Wisconsin. Of great importance in the formation of prices is whether a person works or not. If he works and makes an application for a loan for the first time, then the partner removes the biggest cream from him (about $ 200).

What are the benefits of ZeroParallel

  • High lead cost (EPL): it is enough to get several large leads to sustain yourself for a month (especially considering the current crisis in Russia).
  • Own CMS affiliate program to create your Landing Page, which can be put on your domain.
  • Payments are made twice a month or ahead of time if you make large amounts.
  • There is a generator of JS forms that adapt to any gadgets (tablets, phones, PCs).
  • Deployed statistics for analyzing traffic and conversions, comfortable to use for webmasters and arbitrators.
  • Technical support in Russian.
  • Webmasters are provided with a personal manager.
  • Weekly webinars on legal issues.

How much top partners earn

The most successful partners earn more than a thousand dollars a day. At the same time, the affiliate program offers life-long profits from attracted referrals: you can get a profit as long as they do not stop taking loans. Since microloans in the USA are very popular and people there tend to borrow money 6-7 times a year, the prospect of passive income is very good.

In the screenshot below you can see the profit of the most successful webmasters. EPL on the chart - is earnings from each lead. In this case, it does not matter whether the applications are paid or not. Total revenue is divided by the number of confirmed and unconfirmed leads. It turns out about 1-7 dollars for each lead, however EPL still depends on the quality of the traffic that merges into the affiliate program. The conversion here is about 7-20%, but again, it all depends on how targeted the audience of your source is.

ZeroParallel - Microcredit Affiliate in the USA - Profit Hunter

Where to get traffic

At the initial stage it is best to start by collecting traffic from organic delivery. Pouring costs from their sources, because the niche in Adwords is quite expensive, and it is very easy to go into the minus. As for sites, they are better done and promoted for non-commercial requests, so as not to get a filter for re-optimization. On issues of microloans, people have a lot of questions, so the content project on a similar topic will collect targeted traffic. Even a small number of visitors can bring a good income.

In addition to your own sites, traffic can be taken from social networks. Banners work well.

Thus, ZeroParallel is an excellent chance to get passive income in dollar equivalent, which is especially important during the period of rapid depreciation of the ruble exchange rate.

Want to try your hand at monetizing lucrative US traffic? Then we recommend to register and check the possibilities of this affiliate program on your own experience.

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