Zenlink crowd-link service testing - Profit Hunter

Zenlink crowd-link service testing - Profit Hunter

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We have already written earlier about tests of crowd-link services, which are so popular among optimizers. This time, the zenlink project came under our scope. ru, which will be discussed further.

We continued to increase the gmart online store reference profile. com. ua (regionality - Ukraine), specializing in goods for smartphones. For a month of advertising campaign in the service, 38 links were posted.


  1. About Zenlink service
  2. What do you need for crowd-link services for?
  3. How to add a new project to the system?
  4. How much does one placement cost?
  5. Examples of posts with crowd links from Zenlink

About Zenlink service

It is intended for external website optimization using crowd marketing. The platform has existed since 2014, which distinguishes it from many other similar services that have appeared recently. Zenlink employees are engaged in the selection of sites that are close to the topic with the donor site, and the placement of posts with links. The functionality is standard: you select the requests, the pages of your site for promotion and the region, and the rest of the tasks are taken over by the team of specialists. Among the sites on which links are placed, there are forums, social networks, blogs.

Why do we need crowd-link services?

Placing natural backlinks is a much more complicated process than regular spam on forums and social networks, but the effect of the former is much better. Buying artificial links on websites and blogs with an illiterate approach leads to the imposition of filters. Crowd-link services go further. Using specified keys, they promote the brand through the so-called guerrilla marketing. Service staff, pretending to be a target audience, leave reviews, enter into discussions, ask for advice, posting links from the profiles in their posts. The amount of transitions, conversions and the reputation of the brand as a whole depends on how well they can imitate naturalness.

How to add a new project to the system?

Campaign settings in Zenlink are simple enough, and in order to create it, you need to click the "add project" button in your account. If you have a ready list of requests and pages for promotion, all the necessary settings can be made fairly quickly. First you need to specify the project name, the domain name of the website being promoted, the regions of promotion and the search engine. By the way, among the regions it is possible to make a sample only from the Russian federal districts and cities.

Zenlink crowd-link service testing - Profit Hunter

Next, you can select priority promotion regions for each request, specify anchors and relevant pages of your site under the selected keyword. If you do not specify them, the system will select the URL itself, you only need to make sure that the address is correct. When you click on the "bulk add anchor" window opens, which will offer to copy a list of requests. This greatly speeds up the project creation process. The manager selects sites for placement if you check the corresponding box in the “Order setting reference weight” box.

Zenlink crowd-link service testing - Profit Hunter

How much does one placement cost?

The price varies from 269 to 329 rubles for 1 link. Such a discrepancy depends on the size of the ordered package of services (the number of links and the monthly budget you are willing to spend on promotion). The cost here is higher than on Crowdlinks, whose link price is about 200-250 rubles.

Posts are posted on the following types of sites: social networks, review sites, forums, question-answer resources, directories. Also, the authors write full-fledged articles on third-party sites that have been tested for the presence of Yandex filters. You can choose the types of sites for placement.

Zenlink crowd-link service testing - Profit Hunter

Well, let's see how well the Zenlink employees know their business.

By the way, according to information from the service staff, a significant drop in prices is planned for April. You can also order any package in increments of 5 links, that is, 10, 15, 20, 25, and so on.

This is good news, I am glad that links can be ordered in the right amount and at a cheap price with proper quality.

Examples of posts with crowd-links from Zenlink

  1. The comment is posted to the Facebook group for repairing smartphones and tablets. In the profile 2 photos, 0 friends. There is a place for doubt that this person is really the one for whom he claims to be. There is no information about yourself, so suspicions that this is a bot are appropriate. The text of the post looks quite natural:

Zenlink crowd-link service testing - Profit Hunter

  1. Another post is left on the pravogolosa website. net. It looks quite believable here among other reviews. There is no clickable link, but there is a mention of the domain in the title. That is, the post works on the brand and on increasing the number of direct visits.

Zenlink crowd-link service testing - Profit Hunter

  1. Type of publication - article.Backlinks in this article do not pretend to the title of crowd links, because, firstly, the text is openly advertising in nature, and secondly, there is a direct anchor. Link not closed in nofollow.

Zenlink crowd-link service testing - Profit Hunter

  1. Not bad post posted in the topic about the discussion of phones on the women's forum. Left on behalf of the profile that has been pumped, which already has 42 messages in the account.

Zenlink crowd-link service testing - Profit Hunter

  1. Comment on the photo of Vkontakte, which is located in a group of a competitor company selling accessories for mobile phones. Post compiled from an account with multiple photos and 32 reposts on the wall.

Zenlink crowd-link service testing - Profit Hunter

Experimental results

The posted links are fairly natural, the regionality is taken into account. Profiles are pre-pumped, what sin some services of this type. The only time that the trust and spamming of the sites did not always have positive indicators, so we removed some of the links through the functionality of the service and sent it for re-placement.

Here are the intermediate results for Google (Ukraine):

Zenlink crowd-link service testing - Profit Hunter

Zenlink crowd-link service testing - Profit Hunter

In general, the service received a positive rating, but I would like to see it also contains detailed statistics reflecting the dynamics of positions on requests and the amount of traffic that comes from purchase links.

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