Zemanta - blogger's time saving addon - Profit Hunter

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Zemanta - blogger's time saving addon - Profit Hunter If you have a blog in English (and it should be, if you diligently fulfilled marathon covenants 🙂), you just have to put yourself Zemanta application.

Plug-in installation is standard. The plugin works in FireFox (Flock) and Internet Explorer. After you install the plugin, its interface will appear in the WordPress admin panel in the Write section.

Zemanta - blogger's time saving addon - Profit Hunter

Zemanta Features

As you type the text of your post, Zemanta will update your photos, tags, links, and articles and select the most relevant options. When the post is ready, you will only have to click on the photo, tag, etc., so that they immediately appear in your article.

You can filter the output of the plug-in by the keyword. You can also customize the plugin so that it selects photos only from your Flickr account and / or offers affiliate links with your Amazon ID to choose from.

Zemanta only collects content that can be used without violating someone’s copyright, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Zemanta automatically hangs up on published posts just such a button

Zemanta - blogger's time saving addon - Profit Hunter

Thanks to this button, anyone who wants to report your blog post can do it in one pressing. Here’s what the interface for the reblog looks like (for example, the post from which I learned about this plugin is taken):

Zemanta - blogger's time saving addon - Profit Hunter

As you can see, there are also photos and links here , and tags, and related articles.

The plugin is free, use it at your pleasure.

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