YouTube tricks. YouTube's hidden features

YouTube tricks. YouTube's hidden features

YouTube tricks. YouTube's hidden features

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YouTube tricks. YouTube's hidden features


Everyone knows about the existence of the popular video hosting YouTube, which receives a multimillion attendance every day.

They use these resources for different purposes, but many do not guess that this project has great functionality, and sometimes it can be useful to you.

The tricks to use YouTube are a small list of useful functions that you can use due to special browser extensions or directly from video hosting. There are not so many of them and now we will tell you in detail about all the tricks.

YouTube tricks. YouTube's hidden features

  1. How to download videos? Downloading videos from YouTube is easy, but for this you will definitely need to install a special extension. The owners of this video hosting offer to use the add-on, but it has good counterparts. Previously, it was possible to download videos by reference, now without extensions this is impossible.
  2. How to fully upload videos to YouTube? When you turn on video playback, it stops loading after 1-1. 5 minutes of viewing. In other words, it does not load completely, and this can be a serious problem if the Internet speed is not high. The solution to the problem is an extension.
  3. How to disable autoplay video from YouTube? When you go to some sites or video hosting pages, videos can be downloaded by themselves, which is not very convenient for many users. To disable this feature, an addition was invented. The extension is simple and does not require any parameters to be configured.
  4. How to disable YouTube annotations? The authors of some videos simply clutter up their videos by adding pop-up blocks with various information. In order not to watch their ads and links, go to profile settings and disable annotations. To do this, click on the profile, then the gear icon, the "Playback" settings tab.
  5. How do I play YouTube videos from a specific time? If you need to send a video to another user or install it on your site, but you don’t want it to start over, use special links. Turn on the video and rewind to the right moment, then right-click on it and click "Get URL with time reference".

Yes, all these secrets of YouTube are not so important , but if you actively use this video hosting service, then they will definitely be useful to you.

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