YouTube channel errors

When accompanied by different sites, their owners periodically make mistakes.

This applies not only to bloggers and owners of groups in the social. networks, but also those involved in the development of channels on YouTube. We have collected 5 errors of video bloggers, which are the most common, and if you are running your channel, then you definitely need to know about them.

We will not start from the very beginning and tell you that the topic of the channel should be interesting and the design of the channel should be done in the first steps.

There are a lot of other serious flaws that are found in the activity of video bloggers.

YouTube channel errors

  1. A video about nothing. A huge number of videos on the world of video hosting can be classified as "nothing about". In them, all known information is retold, instructions from the category “how to wipe dust” and the like are presented. Each video should be interesting, even one stupid and meaningless video can cause, unsubscribe from the channel.
  2. No attention to the audience. If you do not interact with users who are watching your records, you make a serious mistake. Interest in videos increases several times when the author addresses the audience, offers to express his opinion, shares useful links in the description, or holds some contests.
  3. Without description and keys. For each video you need to make a text description and it is necessary not only for users, but also for search engines. The most important moment is the addition of keywords (popular queries), both in the description and in the title to the video. If you want to promote the channel, then it must be done.
  4. No call to action. What do you want to achieve from your viewers? Based on this issue, you can set yourself a clear goal. For example, you want each user who watches a video to subscribe to a channel or visit your website, so why not say so in the video? Calls to action work and it needs to be used.
  5. Links to other videos. The more views your feed gets, the faster it gets. No, the number of impressions may not affect the position, but when many people watch the video, you gain popularity. In each video, insert blocks with links to other records, this will increase the total number of views.

YouTube channel errors

For novice video bloggers, this information should be interesting, because many people are trying to promote channels on YouTube, but it turns out this is only for units. Develop, improve the quality of videos, set yourself specific goals for each shooting, use SEO, and your work will surely give results.

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