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Starting next month, the cost of advertising on the ProfitHunter blog is based on. ru will be the number of page impressions (CPM). I have long wanted to switch to this form of calculating the cost of displaying banners, but only now blog attendance has become sufficient to do this.

Thanks to this transition, the cost of displaying banners will slightly decrease (despite the fact that blog traffic is growing). The cost of advertising posts and sponsored links will also indirectly depend on the number of page impressions.

Now for more information on blog statistics, pricing and advertising space:

Number of impressions (for May): 51593 .

Unique visitors per day (average in May): 465 .

RSS Feed Subscribers (end of May): 1718 .

Advertising spaces:

Your advertisement could be here - Profit Hunter

Banners in the header (468x60): cost $ 3 per 1000 impressions = $ 155 per month (already taken).

Banners in sidebars (125x125): $ 1.5 per 1000 impressions = $ 75 per month .

As an option in the right sidebar instead of three banners 125x125 one “skyscraper” 120x600: $ 4 for 1000 impressions = $ 205 per month .

Banner under the post (under the first post on the main page) (468x60): $ 1.5 per 1000 impressions = $ 75 a month .

Banner in the RSS feed (468x60): $ 3 per 1000 impressions = $ 115 per month . Posts per month will be at least 22.

Post review : half the cost of a banner per cap = $ 75 for the review if I write the review myself, and $ 65 for the review if you write.

Sponsored links : $ 8 for one link at the top of the post ; $ 4 for one link at the bottom post .

When ordering banners for a period of more than a month (two or more) 10% discount .

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