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You need to quickly post the news in the social. network? No problems! - Profit Hunter If you have not heard about BmSubmitter and / or the Bookmarker from Inspired Brakes and do not know what these scripts are good for or how much time they can save you, then this post is for you πŸ™‚

The description of the programs on the site speaks for itself:

BmSubmitter is a system that allows with one click to send your link immediately to a dozen social bookmarking services. It is a complex of scripts that you can easily install on a server or local machine. The basic package includes modules for the following sites: Delicious, Connotea, Mister-wong, Furl, Bibsonomy, Spotback, A1-webmarks, Linkagogo, Upchuckr, Myvmarks . (In the future, the author promises to expand this list.)

Bookmark is a complete analogue of the BmSubmitter complex, only intended for working with Russian bookmarking services. The basic package includes sites Memori, BobrDobr, Mister-Wong, Moemesto, SEO marks, Rumarkz, 100zakladok, links. i. ua .

Actually, there is nothing to add here. The script actually sends bookmarks to the specified services, and it does it regularly . Personally, I did not notice any problems. Bookmarks were checked manually and found where they are supposed to be πŸ™‚

The only flaws that I should note are lack of manual for installing and working with programs (not that without it was impossible to get along, but the average consumer like me is lazy to search for the necessary info further than in the folder with the script πŸ™‚) and that the links to social sites open in the same window as the script itself. I can’t say anything bad about scripts (I hope these flaws will also be eliminated).

Now about the benefits:

  • Immediately sending the link to the services by pressing one button (exactly!)
  • Integrated text uniqueness module by the formulas! (as far as I know, there are no analogues to this module in other autosubmitter scripts, on the other hand the utility of this module cannot be overestimated).
  • Unlimited accounts in services (the script selects the user to submit randomly).
  • Laconic, convenient and nice looking interface (there is such a thing).
  • Ability to work both from the server and locally in the presence of β€œDenver” (from the server it works, about Denver I believe in the word πŸ™‚).
  • Free updates (already received two updates, free of charge.

As for the price, opinions diverge here. Some say it’s expensive, others that the script costs so much money. I belong to the second group. And here’s why: when using the Social Poster and RoboForm, I fit in 40-45 minutes to post the news in 40+ social services, i.e. 1 service per minute.

Post to social networks at the initial stage of development of a niche type project You need a frequent blog (until a blog becomes popular, no one will do this for you.) At the same time, you should do everything possible so that your accounts and sites are not banned. To do this, post news from other sites, use different accounts, etc. (I'm not talking about how to spam in social networks, but about how to attract initial traffic to the white site with the least loss.) It all takes a lot of time.

With Bmsubmitter, I now save 10 minutes on one site / page run. With each new service time saved will be more.

Conclusion: this script is definitely a necessary thing on the farm of an Internet entrepreneur.

p. with. : Additional reviews, criticisms and other comments you can read here, here and here.

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