You can not ignore the simple rules of SEO

What do you think, why are so many sites becoming abandoned and not getting proper development, if every day there are more than 100,000 blogs all over the world?

After their launch, their developers simply do not see the proper development and understand that they will fail.

The main reason for this is the lack of knowledge and, in particular, the skills to correctly optimize your resource. Of course, no one immediately gains popularity, and to create a website and not to understand SEO, it’s like the web behind the wheel and not knowing the rules.

It would seem, everything is simple, you make a website, beautiful design, interesting information and you get traffic, but everything is much more complicated.

You can not ignore the simple rules of SEO

Newbies, learn the optimization rules

Some still show interest in SEO, but only digest the information, which, again, does not allow them to come to really good results. You can not ignore the simple rules of SEO, because every little thing can be decisive for your page to reach a high position in search results.

When starting to optimize your resource, you need to take into account absolutely everything and not to listen to specialists who say that selecting words in a text or filling in the Keywords tag are so without effective that it can be ignored.

It is possible that during the long years of development of algorithms, tags with keywords began to bring less benefit, but it exists, and it is impossible to argue with that. The same applies to the selection of words in the text, which signals the search engines about the most important words in your content.

You can not ignore the simple rules of SEO

Should I talk about more important tags in optimizing Title or Description , which are also not filled out by all site owners? Neglecting such actions, they literally limit themselves from the successful development of the project and then wonder why they fail.

Full and high-quality optimization includes a huge amount of subtleties. Yandex takes about 800 factors into account when ranking pages; this is a huge number and indicates only one thing; search engines check every little thing.

Optimization work should be carried out qualitatively, otherwise search engines will not appreciate your actions and, as a result, positions will not be high.

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