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YesHost. ru - reliable European hosting - Profit Hunter The Kernel Network group of companies, which has been operating on the hosting services market for almost a decade, presents a new project, hosting www. yeshost. ru.

The company's technology platform is located in Prague (Czech Republic). Over the previous four and a half years of work on this technological platform, 100% uptime has been consistently observed. The company values ​​its reputation and therefore pays special attention to the quality of service and the width of the channels.

In January 2008, a new data center was put into operation, which is located in the same building with the technical services and the main office of the company, which guarantees a quick solution to problems with the equipment. In February 2008, an external audit was conducted, as a result of which the company received a certificate ISO 9001 . Today, the company's data center (rightly considered one of the best in Europe) is connected to the channels of the leading operators TeliaSonera and Interroute .

All equipment provided to the company's customers, is tested at the stand , which guarantees its quality 100%.

The company does not seek to provide the cheapest services (to the detriment of quality), but despite this its pricing policy is very reasonable. Judge for yourself:

  • VDS from 7. 95 euro .
  • Dedicated servers from € 69 .

There are no restrictions on the ratio of incoming / outgoing, Russian / foreign Bendwich. The connection to Russia and other CIS countries does not cause any complaints, so it’s worth paying attention to the YesHost services.

User feedback on the work with the company can be found in this thread at calendar. There you can ask any questions you may have.

By the way, if you did not manage to order hosting at a discount on Dimka or Alexander Fedorov coupons, you have another chance 🙂

  • pro30PCNT for VDS - discount 30%;
  • pro5PCNT for a budget line of servers - 5% discount; and
  • pro10PCNT for Hi-End server configurations - 10% discount.

There are 10 coupons for each item, all coupons are valid for 30 days. The discount is available when ordering hosting for at least 3 months.

Well, as long as you read, I went to order myself MIni VDS 😉

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