Yellow and red cards in football

Bookmakers offer to put money on sporting events, while taking money not only to win the opposing sides.

In addition, customers are offered to bet on totals, the number of times played, and much more. Even bets on penalty cards are accepted.

Football betting for some users is the main type of outcome. There is a category of betters who conclude only such bets. Why? Because the coefficients for such forecasts are always high. However, predicting how many penalties will be awarded per game is not so simple.

Yellow and red cards in football

Yellow card bets

For football fans, the most detailed statistics and the most extensive line are available.

Bookmakers offer to bet on almost everything, including red and yellow cards. Often betters bet on removal, the betting is mainly for the most anticipated matches.

At bookmakers, the system for calculating the chance of cards is very different. Someone simply compares the previous games of the teams, someone assigns points to the cards, some rely only on the judges.

There are BCs that offer not only to guess the number of cards, but also to bet on a certain interval of the game or on the total cards.

It is difficult to make bets on cards, you have to analyze a lot of data and take serious risks. They are justified by solid payments, but without a forecast there is nothing to do here.

Yellow and red cards in football

Strategy of bets on cards

There is no unique method of betting on cards that would guarantee a win. It requires an individual approach to each game. Naturally, you need to check the statistics of teams and games with the same judges. It helps to get the big picture about the upcoming event.

Another important factor is the level of the game. Tense matches, on which the future of the team depends, are much more often accompanied by yellow cards.

A striking example of games in which the cards will be played out exactly are the matches Manchester and Liverpool, Real and Barcelona. In addition, you need to choose the league, where the rules are often violated. For example, the primacy of Spain, Brazil, Italy and Holland, occupy the first place.

According to statistics, the Swedish Championships are the rarest issue of cards.

There are many websites on the Internet that present statistics on football matches. The statistics on the judges and the cards received by the teams is kept separately. Analyze at least 5 recent matches, it will be much better if you are an experienced fan.

Where do they get bets on corner cards and yellow cards?

First, not all bookmakers accept such bets. Secondly, now bookmakers have big problems in the sphere of Runet.

Their resources enter the registry and become inaccessible. You can not try to bypass the registry and use a proxy. What then to do? Choose a licensed BC.

The bookmaker office has the necessary license to provide services in the territory of the Russian Federation. This is an important point, but there is another reason to use the services of the office - this is a welcome bonus in the form of a free bet for 2000 rubles:

Yellow and red cards in football

If you deposit bonus money and win, the profit will remain on your account. It is easy to make bets on cards in football, you first need to choose a sport, and then decide on a match:

Yellow and red cards in football

At 888 there are types of bets that are not found in other bookmakers. You can also bet on cards here, and not only on a specific team:

Yellow and red cards in football

Bookmakers use clever schemes when calculating coefficients, it is already clear from them which team is more likely to earn fines.

In addition to bets on yellow cards, bets are available for many other things. Starting with the minutes on which the angles will be, ending with the time outcomes separately.

Red card bets are no different. To win more often, you have to engage in analysis and use statistical data. Highlight the teams leading the aggressive style of the game and make bets each time they enter the field.

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