Yandex Tool - Check URL. Check URL from Yandex

When buying different programs, many webmasters do not even think about the fact that you can collect all the necessary information about your resources for free.

There are many different services, and search engines provide a lot of useful tools for competent work with the resource.

In this article we will take a look at the Yandex tool - with which you can get some data about each page of your project. Naturally, to use it, your website must be added to Yandex. Webmaster.

Yandex Tool - Check URL. Check URL from Yandex

Check the URL from Yandex

You can access this tool through the webmaster panel on Yandex. The item is in the main menu:

Yandex Tool - Check URL. Check URL from Yandex

After navigating through this item, a form similar to the Yandex search bar opens, where you need to insert the address of the page you want to check:

Yandex Tool - Check URL. Check URL from Yandex

By clicking on the button in this form, the link appears at the bottom of the interface and you will need to wait a bit until the link “Finish” appears in the “Status” column. It appears after a few minutes, after which you can click on it and observe the following information:

Yandex Tool - Check URL. Check URL from Yandex

As you can see, using the URL validation tool, you can get some useful information on a specific page:

  • indexed or not;
  • added to the search;
  • are there any errors when loading it;
  • when it was loaded by Yandex;
  • the number of links to a page from different sites;
  • the number of internal links.

By performing such checks, you can stumble upon not very pleasant phenomena. For example, you may notice that some pages are not added to the index due to the presence of duplicates:

Yandex Tool - Check URL. Check URL from Yandex

Having checked one of the pages, it turned out that it is not in the search, right there the reason is indicated, it duplicates the already existing material on the site. As you can see, there are many internal links to it, so you need to fix the problem, look for a duplicate and redirect it or even delete it altogether.

Checking the URL on Yandex can be useful to you in other cases, for example, if you change the material. The date and time of the last crawl by the robot is indicated when checking all pages, so you can easily find out if the page with the updated content has been indexed.

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