Yandex, Mail, Gmail - where is it better to open mail?

No Internet user can do without e-mail. It is needed even for registration in social networks, what can we say about people trying to make money online. But if important matters are assigned to the mail, it is worthwhile to think about which service is better to use several times.

Yandex, Mail, Gmail, which mail is better? These mail services are the most popular, so the comparison will be made exactly between them.

Each site has pros and cons, services may not be perfect, but after learning about their features, it will be possible to choose a suitable option for your purposes.

Yandex, Mail, Gmail - where is it better to open mail?

Where is the best way to open email?

If you need mail for a short time and you don’t plan to use it for a long time, see how to create a temporary Email.

Sometimes this is the best option for quickly receiving emails that do not require registration. If you decide to choose a permanent postal service, consider only these 3 options:

1. Post office . In 2012, this service became a leader, having overtaken its main competitors (including HotMail). This was achieved due to high-quality equipment and continuous improvement of the system.

This is not surprising, Google is developing rapidly, it would be strange if they did not refine their own project.

Yandex, Mail, Gmail - where is it better to open mail?
  • Opportunities are the most extensive here, so the service has become a leader. For example, the correspondence between users is put in chains, and all sorts of labels and badges greatly simplify the use of the box.
  • Speed ​​of work - there are no complaints about Gmail in this regard, the fastest virtual postmen work here. If you need to register somewhere, then this is the best box, here confirmation letters come instantly.
  • Available memory - each user is given 15 GB for free. disk space, which is simply impossible to score letters, even if you often make attachments. You can also purchase 100 GB. for $ 4.99 or even 200 GB. for $ 9.99.
  • Security - Google has already proven that it can provide insurmountable protection. To be sure that no one will get access to the letters, turn on the login confirmation by SMS.
  • Advertising - in the design of the site it does not exist, but relevant advertising is added directly to the letters. An interesting case was even connected with this, when they made a video, supposedly Google opens letters, throws advertising there and seals it again.
  • Spam - the best protection against spam bots is both good and not good. She perfectly copes with her task and the letters do not have time to reach the recipients, but sometimes the necessary letters are perceived as spam.

2. . Used in many European countries and in terms of development goes ahead of many former leaders.

Every month, over 27 million users send over 130 million emails to Yandex mailboxes, like Gmail, use one account for additional services, which is very convenient.

Yandex, Mail, Gmail - where is it better to open mail?
  • Possibilities - the interface here is really convenient, since many hot keys have been added and you can work in a box like in a regular folder. For example, try holding down the left mouse button and navigating through the letters, they will stand out.
  • Speed ​​of work - you will not make serious complaints either, because even from foreign sites, letters come quickly here. Only occasionally there are delays, although they never exceed 5-10 minutes.
  • Available memory - 3 GB available. which is just enough to work with the mail. If desired, the volume can be increased to 20 GB. , for this you need to download the Yandex program. Drive, download and share on social networks several files. For money, disk space is also given.
  • Security - the secure HTTPS certificate is used when entering the box. Interception of information is theoretically impossible. Conveniently, a log is kept and you can always see the history of entry and action.
  • Advertising - Yandex stands out among competitors, he believes that people go to the post for business and advertising can interfere with them. Therefore, if you go to the settings, click "Other", you will find the function of disabling advertising, promo and news.
  • Spam - spammers are monitored here not only through incoming but also through outgoing emails. Therefore, they are blocked before sending and only occasionally there are problems, that normal letters are perceived as spamming.

3. Post office . If among Russian users, only 1/6 uses Yandex mail, then 75% of the inhabitants of the Russian Federation prefer this service.

He has many flaws, but his popularity has been off the scale for many years. In addition to Russian users, the service is popular in Kazakhstan, Belarus, Moldova and several other countries.

Yandex, Mail, Gmail - where is it better to open mail?
  • Opportunities - the boxes here do not differ in some unusual functions, there is everything you need and nothing extra.As in previous services, an address book is available, file sorting, and so on. The only difference is the convenient Mail Ru Agent (client program).
  • Speed ​​of work - if you compare Russian Post with some online service, then this is Mail. Even when registering on sites, they are not recommended to use these boxes, as letters often come with delays, and during this time people may change their mind to create a profile.
  • Available memory is one of the trump cards of this service. There are no restrictions on the amount of stored information in the box. As soon as the allocated disk space becomes less than 500 MB. , another 2 GB is added to it automatically.
  • Security - Mail is not far behind on this indicator. All files are scanned in Kaspersky databases, there is a powerful protection against data interception and a bunch of different security settings, including disabling parallel sessions.
  • Advertising - a huge ad unit flaunts on the main page of the post, and it is animated, which is often distracting. Plus, a line has been added with an advertisement above the list of letters that you accidentally click on all the time.
  • Spam - protection against spam for this mail service is provided by by Kaspersky Anti-Spam . He is absolutely unable to cope with his task, advertising letters come in batches. Moreover, they even arrive at new addresses.

After examining the features of each system for exchanging e-mail, you can make your own conclusions.

All of them are popular, allow you to share information and provide enough memory for comfortable work. But if you compare the general indicators, the mail from Google is much ahead of its opponents.

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