Xpartners - SMS affiliate program for RU + CIS adult traffic - Profit Hunter

Xpartners - SMS affiliate program for RU + CIS adult traffic - Profit Hunter

About us:

- Adverts are accepted only after an interview with a support;
- Take traffic from: Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine
- Traffic back for other countries;
- For 1 sms we pay: Russia - 80%, Ukraine - 80%, Kazakhstan - 80%;
- Statistics in real time;
- 10% referral system;
- Weekly payments;
- Urgent payments on request. Don't have enough money for everyone!
- New pay sites are being made on a permanent basis.
- ICQ support 24/7 online;


Allowed :

- Dump SE traffic from doorways;
- Dump traffic from Russian adult-resources (forums, erotic stories sites, etc.);
- Dump traffic from foreign adult- resources, filtered by accessory to the following countries: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan;
- Drain traffic through teasers, banners, redirect, from white sites, splogs.


- Drain traffic from sites containing children;
- Drain traffic acquired by malware;
10> - Forcing users to register on sites by deception;
- use forbidden words (and their derivatives) to advertise our sites: subtle, childish ... etc.…
- Use our numbers and prefixes on other sites;
- Use traffic generation scripts or sms;
- When advertising our sites it is prohibited to mention the age of models - less than 18 years old;
- Spam our links sites (implied any kind of spam);
- Spam prefixes

If you violate the rules of our affiliate program, your account is blocked and no money is paid.


After 2 weeks of hard work, we again opened the registration of new partners. For an asya interview, it will take you exactly 3 minutes.

Of the innovations:

- The user design of the panel
has been redesigned - Statistics has been completely reworked.
- Added Our TOP-7 (jerk off health)
- Added the choice of billing (a1 or telebill) and SMS cost for accessing content in settings.
- Added a bunch of promo banners of different resolutions.
- Traf Beck is now considered.
- Anti-spam system added, prefix prefix preds! spamming is now useless; you cannot earn money; )
- Added dorgen, now in beta testing, very soon we will issue a cool adverts; )

From what is planned to be completed in the next 1-2 weeks.

- Extended "Promo” sections, PIDs and other will be added
- Added Sub-Akki
- Added content for jet porn paynik
- Possible The Sex Club will be cut off, it will be sent back for revision due to its non-convertibility. (You can also write suggestions on it to ICQ or here)
- I.. more.
---- ------


ICQ #: 388849

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