Writing an article that you want to read to the end

The writing of articles for your own blog should be approached with the understanding that visitors will never reach the final part if they don’t like something.

Based on this, they will spend little time on the site, but they will have to forget about targeted actions (registration , download, order).

How to make the visitor read the article to the end? You need to write a high-quality, informative, meaningful text and beautifully arrange it. Need to take into account every little thing, and when creating content to remember that in the first place, it is made for people, not for search bots.

Writing an article that you want to read to the end

It is not so easy to intrigue, tighten and entice the reader, many of them do not plan to spend a lot of time studying information. Therefore, you need to do everything, if only a person would like to continue reading .

Some simple rules help to achieve this goal:

  1. Interesting topic. It is necessary to begin with inventing an idea. The more interesting it is, the more attention will attract. Only this factor can make a person read the article. When selecting options, be sure to look at the news portals, look for something relevant. Nothing comes to mind? Here are a few ideas:
  • share your experience;
  • express an expert opinion;
  • just tell us about the complex;
  • combine topics.

Before you begin writing an article, it is advisable to gather as much information as possible. Even if you have professional knowledge, it will not be superfluous to check competitors.

Perhaps you will forget something, and in general you will be able to evaluate who you need to bypass in terms of positions (although we are not talking about search engine optimization right now).

  1. Making a Plan. Large, high-quality and interesting articles are compiled on a clear plan. An experienced copywriter knows that you first need to create a skeleton of material, scatter subtitles, pictures, and more. Remember that there is a structure proven by years:
  • introductory part;
  • main text;
  • final part.

The simplest plan, but it works and is used by all authors (albeit in a slightly modified form). The sequence in the text should be necessary, it affects readers who are more comfortable to study the material.

Writing an article that you want to read to the end
  1. Error Correction. Nobody wants to read the article to the end if there are too many errors in it. It is clear that we are not all philologists, so it’s worth to enlist support.

Services for finding errors in texts will help get rid of the shortcomings. It is also worth reading the material yourself several times, preferably out loud, to correct mistakes.

  1. Uniqueness. We are talking about text optimization specifically for readers, not for search engines, so the word "Uniqueness" means not a machine check.

    The idea itself is much more important for people, everyone wants fresh ideas, opinions and reasoning. The semantic component of the text is important, there is too much copied content on the Internet.

  1. Text Formatting. High-quality structured text with a beautiful design makes the visitor to begin reading it. If you want your articles to read to the end, you will have to work hard at formatting, and these recommendations will be useful for this:
  • refuse to use hackneyed phrases and stop words (what is stop words) ;
  • often divide the text into meaningful paragraphs;
  • it is better to make short sentences, this increases reading speed;
  • there is no need to mark introductions, conclusions and other parts of the text;
  • the main part of the text is divided into parts, they are denoted by subtitles;
  • if the subtitles of pr and create a plan, add them after writing the article;
  • be sure to include in the material of the listing, it is advisable to number them;
  • in the introduction disclose the main point, but leave the intrigue; match the title;
  • reduce water in the texts, more specifics, numbers and examples;
  • highlight important parts of the article.

In order for articles to be read to the end, it is necessary to make it easier for the reader to study the material. Consider, some people go over the texts, browse only subtitles, lists, selected items. Though fluent, they also read the materials to the conclusion.

  1. Qualitative heading. The article is not something that is not read to the end, to it in general, no one will go, if the name is not interesting, boring or gray.For each text, you need to come up with effective headlines, again, we will give a few recommendations:
  • it is better to use simple and understandable headings;
  • you should not stretch the name, but you need to transfer maximum information
  • in the title is better not to use terms and complex words;
  • do not try to attract attention with signs, CAPSOM and other similar methods;
  • use questions (like, why, why ) they are clicked well;
  • numbered headlines also attract a lot of attention (5 ways, 10 tips).

See how the names are selected on the most popular sites (for example, on news portals). Never copy them, by any means create unique headlines, among them people choose a site from the issue.

How many bloggers are currently trying to get into the TOP and gain attention, this is a million people. To break through, you need to learn to create quality content. Try to write articles so that they are read to the end, it helps me to increase the conversion.

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