Write articles yourself or buy? Where to buy articles?

Search engines are in a fierce battle with webmasters who are trying to promote their sites in prohibited ways.

These include an artificial increase in the reference mass. Yandex has already launched Minusinsk, and Google has long developed a Penguin filter, so many have decided to switch to website promotion through content.

Write articles yourself or buy? Here is the main question of each webmaster, who decides to engage in the content of the site.

Opinions in this regard differ, because on the one hand, it’s better to write articles for the site yourself, and on the other hand, there’s not always time and there’s no need to pull large volumes alone.

Write articles yourself or buy? Where to buy articles?

Where can I get articles for the site?

There are a lot of advantages to writing articles yourself, starting with the fact that you will write texts specifically for its resource, ending with high quality material and guarantees that it will not be sold to anyone else.

Unfortunately, in practice there are still cases of double sales of content, and if search engines find someone else’s website as the source, your resource may fall under the filters. Such situations are not needed by anyone, but some webmasters simply do not have the talent for writing interesting texts.

Any skills you can learn, and if you decide to do the filling yourself, be sure to read the article on how to write live and interesting articles.

Learning to create content is quite realistic, but in addition to an interesting presentation of information, you need to consider optimization.

So that your texts are not only interesting, but also help promote the site, learn SEO copywriting. Creating articles by all the rules of optimization, you fill the site with the best material, both for visitors and for search engines.

Write articles yourself or buy? Where to buy articles?

Where to buy articles?

Buying content is also a good option, because if you don’t have time for a permanent job, quickly fill the site with no work out.

For example, if you have a main job, how many articles per month can you write? Maybe there will be 10, and maybe 30, but this is still not enough.

With the help of copywriting exchanges you can provide a stable content of the site. The main thing is to check the reviews and the rating of the author, as well as use the best exchanges, as the administration always keeps an eye on the order on them:

  1. is the largest exchange where real professionals work. The prices are not the lowest, but each text is carefully checked and is not offered for sale at all, if it contains even minor errors.
  2. - here the prices for the articles are lower, and in order for the buyer to know exactly what is being offered to him, errors are checked in each text and they are displayed in the offer. Conveniently, on the same site you can find unique pictures.
  3. - moderation on this exchange is the easiest, so you need to select only those authors who have a high rating. The administration policy is simple - he sold something that was not of high quality, the account is blocked, therefore experienced copywriters value their reputation.

There are many other similar exchanges, but only on these sites the largest databases of ready-made content and orders are processed as quickly as possible.

Choosing between self-writing articles and buying content, it is better to stay on the combined version.

The information on the site needs to be stably updated, so write texts when free time appears and order them when you don’t have time to do the work.

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