WP-Note plugin for color blocks in WordPress text

To improve the visual presentation of content, CMS WordPress provides many different add-ons and modules. If you will correctly execute each article, it will affect the traffic to the site, and search engines consider behavioral factors as one of the most important indicators.

One of the options to improve the presentation of information on the site is to add separate parts of the text to color blocks with various icons. Plugin for colored blocks in the text WordPress, is called. It is very easy to use, and to download it you can use the search in the administrative panel or download from the Internet.

WP-Note plugin for color blocks in WordPress text

How to make blocks with text on WordPress?

This plugin is installed as usual, and after you activate it you will be able to select text in articles. No settings are required to add a block, you need to enclose the text in special tags:

WP-Note plugin for color blocks in WordPress text

In this image you can see several examples of the created blocks using the WP-Note plugin. As you may have guessed, installing them is very simple; you just need to put the right tags.

If required, you can change the color scheme of these blocks. To do this, you need to make some changes in the style file. css from this plugin (located in the WP-Note folder).

This plugin is compatible with all versions of WordPress after 1. 5. If for some reason you didn’t fit it or didn’t like it, you can use an alternative option - the wp-special-textboxes plugin.

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