Wowapp - messenger for earnings

More and more interesting projects are being created for making money on the Internet. In addition, it is now important to offer people additional income, even on those sites that are not created for this.

The developers of the program, about which we will tell you now, decided to encourage their clients with cash rewards.

- messenger for making money, similar to Skype and Viber, suitable for any device. Applications and programs are installed in any operating system.

Conveniently communicate with other users and make calls. International calls here at competitive rates and 10% of the money spent is returned to the balance.

Wowapp - messenger for earnings

Registration Wowapp

First we will tell you how to register in the system. In the example we will use the version of the program for Windows. Everything is very simple, so you can easily download the application to mobile devices.

For beginners, the instructions for registering and downloading Wowapp are useful:

  1. First go to the official Wowapp website, click the register button (center) and fill out the form:
  2. Wowapp - messenger for earnings
  3. The program is automatically downloaded to the PC, but other versions of the software are also offered:
  4. Wowapp - messenger for earnings
  5. After installing the program on the computer, you need to run Login:
  6. Wowapp - messenger for earnings
  7. The first settings are the parameters of the speakers, microphone and webcam:
  8. Wowapp - messenger for earnings
  9. Next you need to specify personal data (surname, name, age, gender):
  10. Wowapp - messenger for earnings
  11. The final stage of the register tion, is adding profile pictures:
  12. Wowapp - messenger for earnings

The program is installed, you can add contacts and communicate with other users. Wowapp reviews are only positive, the messenger is of high quality and it has many useful features. In addition to calls abroad, you can transfer files, engage in charity and much more.

How to make money on Wowapp?

The messenger shows ads to all users, the administration shares the profit received from advertisers. In order for the balance to receive deductions, you need to enable the Ad Me function in the settings.

Go to the site, log in and go to the appropriate section:

Wowapp - messenger for earnings

The function of paid advertising is activated separately for all versions of the program. Make sure it is on or drag the slider to On mode:

Wowapp - messenger for earnings

As you can see, the percentage of deductions from the money spent by advertisers is very different. Initially, the project was created for mobile devices, so the application brings 70% of it to mobile users. In addition, the affiliate program works in the system:

Wowapp - messenger for earnings

You can attract new members by any means, by sending emails, making reposts on social networks or simply using a referral link. Conveniently, you can customize your personal page to your own discretion:

Wowapp - messenger for earnings

The money received on the project is credited in the form of the local currency WowCoin. They can be displayed in several ways (course 100 WC = 1 $):

Wowapp - messenger for earnings

It’s not exactly making a lot of money on advertising, therefore it is better to make major efforts to develop the network of partners 99>.

Every novice can download Wowapp for a computer or any other device for free.

Try to make money with a serious project, it is only gaining momentum, so you will definitely find people who are ready to register here. In addition, additional contact for communication will not be superfluous.

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