Work with regular customers, appreciate long-term customers

In every business there are certain points that need special attention. No matter what you do, you need to remember that the best audience for your offers are your customers.

The base of regular customers is the most valuable group , than several times the large general audience.

Every entrepreneur chooses independently what to focus on, but at the same time, many people forget “common” truths. At the expense of stable clients, it is possible not only to receive a large number of transactions, but also additional advertising, and their opinion will be much more efficient than the context, banners and other means of advertising on the network.

Work with regular customers, appreciate long-term customers

Appreciate long-term customers

How to work with regular customers and what you need to remember?

We give some recommendations:

  1. First of all, you have to remember about the long term when you make an advertising offer. It doesn't matter if you write a post to a blog, compose a letter for distribution or create text for a selling page, be sure to add information that regular customers will receive various privileges in the form of discounts, prize draws, bonuses and so on.
  2. Experienced experts analyzed the likelihood of sales to a new client and to those who already used the services of the company. What are the results? Sell ​​a regular customer is 7 times easier. That is why it is necessary to constantly offer our customers to purchase additional goods. The wider the range and the more correctly you select the offer for certain groups of clients, the more effective it will be.
  3. To win the respect and trust of a client in order to make it permanent, is not so easy. That is why be prepared for "over-fulfillment of the plan." If you want the user to return to you after the order, do a little more for him than they could. For example, provide competent support and answer all questions.
  4. To send the necessary information to customers, do not limit yourself to text messages. Some people find it much more convenient to digest information through watching videos or infographics. Combine the format of your sentences, it takes some time, but it works efficiently.
  5. Businessmen on the Internet must be site owners. It is very important that your playground was not just a "showcase" of goods, but something more. For example, in order to accompany a resource, you can simultaneously run a blog in which you will tell readers various interesting events, give advice and much more. You can also open a forum so that regular customers always receive new information from you and do not forget about your activities.

Work with regular customers, appreciate long-term customers

Do you still think that stable clients are not so important? Pay attention to foreign companies that are willing to pay through affiliate programs over 100% of the profits brought from the sale. What is their interest in doing this? The answer is obvious, they build a base of regular customers.

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