Work on the Internet moderator. Earnings online moderator

Remote earnings allow a huge number of users not only to find a side job, but also to organize a permanent source of profit.

There are many activities in the network, so everyone can choose the most suitable option for themselves. Especially I would like to highlight the moderation of sites, blogs and groups in social networks.

Working as moderator on the Internet is a great opportunity to find a stable remote earnings, as well as to show your knowledge in a certain area. Through the freelance exchange offers a lot of open positions for the post of moderator, you can search for a suitable job for yourself.

Work on the Internet moderator. Earnings online moderator

Earnings in the network by the moderator

What it will be difficult to say, because it all depends on what requirements are set for the contractor.

In some cases, it is enough to get a moderator for just one site, but most often the moderators are engaged in accompanying several resources at once in order to receive a decent payment.

Work on the Internet moderator. Earnings online moderator

Here are a couple of offers from the exchange for moderators of Vkontakte groups. Despite the fact that in the first project you need a moderator for only one site, and in the second one for 4 communities at once, the remuneration is many times more. Why is that? Because the subject matter in the first sentence is narrower and it is necessary to place 5 posts per day.

Moderator vacancies can also be found for groups from other social networks:

Work on the Internet moderator. Earnings online moderator

Yes, the payment is also not high, but 7 performers have already submitted applications for consideration of their candidature .

Big earnings are waiting for you in moderator vacancies for sites. Accompanying the whole resource is much more difficult, so they pay more for such work:

Work on the Internet moderator. Earnings online moderator

For example, you need a moderator who can perform the duties of a tester for the Android portal. The payment is decent, but it will have to work every day for several hours. For those who are well versed in this, such work will seem like an excellent option.

Is it easy to work as a moderator?

At first glance, this may seem like a simple activity that is suitable for everyone, but it also has its own characteristics:

  • have to constantly work and spend a lot of time;
  • communicate with customers (visitors, customers);
  • understand the topics of the site;
  • literacy and spelling ( including for answering questions);
  • to be stable in difficult situations (not to be irritable, always be friendly, etc.);
  • to be fair when punishing users (ban, fine).

Considering the moderators' earnings, in order to turn this work into the main source of profits you will have to work simultaneously with several platforms at once. Is it too hard? If you work at home on a computer, then the support of several resources will not be so laborious.

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