Work on orders or sell finished articles?

Every copywriter using content exchanges is faced with the choice of whether to work on orders or sell ready-made articles. It can be difficult to decide, because each of these options has certain advantages and disadvantages.

Of course, it is best of all to work universally, i.e., to fulfill orders and add articles to the sale, in this case the development is faster, because there are different buyers content, those who create orders and those who prefer to buy ready-made materials.

Work on orders or sell finished articles?

How does a copywriter work better?

If we consider this topic from the point of view of income, order fulfillment is a more profitable option. To write an article on the order is much more difficult than to choose any topic, independently identify keywords and express thoughts in a free form.

That’s why customers set a higher cost of 1000 characters. But you should not think that in carrying out orders, you will work more productively, because they take longer to complete.

Plus, it is more difficult to earn on execution of orders , since the competition on the stock exchanges of articles is very high. Each customer receives the right to choose a copywriter, and the authors are forced to submit applications and wait for their candidature to be accepted. There is one big minus.

To get a lot of orders, the authors send many applications at once, and what if a lot of them are approved? In this case, it will be difficult to cope with the implementation and will have to abandon some of them, which will scare off buyers in the future.

Work on orders or sell finished articles?

Each copywriter also needs to think about the safety of his work, because there are many unscrupulous customers in this area.

As copywriters are deceiving, we have already told you, most often this is the requirement to fulfill a trial order, after which an explanation of the various reasons why the author is not suitable for performing the work. When selling ready-made articles, there will be no such problems, because the buyer immediately transfers money for the purchased material.

What will we advise copywriters? Use both options for earnings on the stock exchanges. Applied for execution, while waiting for their approval, write materials for sale.

Also, do not grab all orders, choose only those that are suitable for you, because the speed of their execution also affects productivity. Add that using the sale of finished articles and the execution of orders, you will cover a large audience of potential customers, and this is a huge plus.

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