Work as a mobile correspondent for Live News

We all occasionally witness various events that can not only bring different emotions, but also money.

Now almost everyone has a mobile phone on which you can shoot something interesting, and then sell the news on the Internet. And for this you do not need to perform many actions, large news companies have already taken care of this.

A mobile correspondent is an excellent part-time job for everyone who has an Android or IOS device. On the Internet, you can download the free application LIFENEWS and use it to quickly share information with the largest news portal, for a fee.

Work as a mobile correspondent for Live News

Every day you will be able to receive assignments from Life News, for which you will receive rewards for your balance. Before you begin these tasks, launch the application and be sure to log in.

It’s not at all difficult to do; just enter your name and phone number:

Work as a mobile correspondent for Live News

After entering the data, you will be taken to the main menu, where the button for transition to tasks. It is very convenient that you only see the locations that are nearby, so you don’t have to run or ride around the city:

Work as a mobile correspondent for Live News

As you can see, 4 new tasks are available. Each of them is accompanied by a clear instruction on the implementation and an exact indication of the address at which the event occurs. In addition to this, you will immediately be presented with a reward, which you can receive:

Work as a mobile correspondent for Live News

Under the description of the task there are three buttons for creating photos, recording videos or sending files that you already managed to save on your device. Each material is carefully checked, so you get paid only if the data is suitable for Live News.

In addition to the assignments, you can create your own news, for this there is a special form:

Work as a mobile correspondent for Live News

Add a video, photo (you can download from your phone), specify an event occurred and write a small comment with detailed information. Send data anonymously or open your name, your business. Send to the editor, and if your news is published, you get the money.

How much can you earn on this?

It all depends on your efforts. If you constantly provide high-quality, exclusive and interesting news, and even accompanied by photos and videos, the income will be excellent. You can go to the tape to see how much the authors received for a particular publication:

Work as a mobile correspondent for Live News

For Zhanna Friske's photo, a certain Victor received 10,000 rubles. Agree, this is a great amount for just one photo, but it is extremely difficult to get such material. Most often for the news from the regions pay up to 1000 rubles, but this is good money.

Turning the work of a Life News mobile correspondent into a stable is unlikely to succeed, but as a side job it is a great option. Download the application on your phones, it does not take up much space, and if you become a witness of something interesting, you will no longer have to think about what to do and where to send the information later.

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