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Being engaged in writing articles for your blog or earning on copywriting, you need to have not only a wide imagination and know the rules of grammar, but also have a large vocabulary.

When the texts are diverse and have unusual words, it is much more interesting to read them.

We all expand vocabulary through our work, hobbies, and communication. The best way to learn new words is to read books.

When reading various kinds of literature and finding the words that you encounter for the first time, immediately open the dictionary and find their meaning. The World Wide Web helps in this regard, and on Workion there is even an article about how to find a word on the Internet.

Words expanding vocabulary | Workion. ru

After reading a lot of different articles on how to expand vocabulary, you can make one conclusion - the authors advise to constantly refer to the dictionaries as soon as you can find the unusual word.

We decided to go the other way and present you a selection of words. You can use them when writing articles, this will emphasize your professionalism:

Aberration is a distortion of truth.
Ambivalent — ambiguous or ambivalent.
Ambitious - conceited and arrogant.
Apogee - limit or highest point.
Ataraxia - equanimity and peace of mind.
Glossophobia - fear of public speaking.
Graphomania - an attraction to composing works for those who do not know how.
Deviant - this is the name of a person who does not comply with the norm.
Deprivation is a feeling of dissatisfaction with needs.
Destructive - destructive.
Dispensation - a condition in which it is difficult to rise in the morning.
Penance - punishment.
Catharsis - when a creature changes due to feelings.
A collision is a conflict (collision).
Latent - then hidden.
Legitimate means legit.
Lemniscate is a sign of infinity.
Logorey is idle chatter.
Mercantile - self-serving and calculating.
Mimicry means imitation.
Mondegrin - incomprehensible words in the songs.
Obelus is a sign of division.
Orthodox means inflexible.
Paresthesia - goosebumps, tingling in limbs.
Parity - Equivalence.
Perdimonokl - God knows what (some kind of nonsense).
Petrikor - the smell of the earth after rain.
Pragmatic - a synonym for practical.
Preventive - Warning.
Profan is a newbie in his business.
Proforma is a formality.
Sentence - notation, moral.
Trench - holding element on the belt.
Ferrule - metal on pencils, holding an eraser.
Freak is a person with an extravagant appearance.
Frizzon - goosebumps (for example, while listening to your favorite song.
Frushnranitsya - a sense of frustration in life.
Eglet - the tip of the laces.
Exalted - inspired or admired.
Equivocs are ambiguous hints.

Different words can be enumerated ad infinitum, since there are a lot of them. You can hardly learn them right away, therefore you should gradually approach the expansion of the word stock.

Alternatively, you can install the word of the day application on your mobile device and learn new words:

Words expanding vocabulary | Workion. ru

Professional the author of articles, e-books, notes and other texts, is simply obliged to strive for expanding vocabulary.

Filling your materials with original words, you will only attract more attention to them, but also show how smart you are. In conclusion We advise you to use the best sites for self-development, where interesting words also occur.

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