WordPress Site Management Tips

Of the most common engines, WordPress is especially popular.

This platform became so famous because through it, even beginners can easily create websites, quickly sorting out a simple interface. Every day, over 100,000 sites appear online, only when using WordPress.

Given the preferences of the majority of novice webmasters, we decided to make 18 tips on how to manage WordPress sites, which will definitely be useful to those who are just beginning to delve into website building. Only a few take into account the subtleties of site management, so they are surprised that they fail to reach a high level and achieve popularity.

WordPress Site Management Tips

Proper site management on WordPress

  1. All links that you set up on your resource (external) must be closed from indexing. You can do this with the Nofollow tag.
  2. Try to add new pages on the site so that they are available in a maximum of 3 clicks on the links.
  3. Engineers are most often used by beginners who do not understand HTML code, but you need to be sure that it is normal, it’s better to turn to professionals for this.
  4. The Title tag is required to be added when adding it, be sure to keep in mind that it should not be repeated, it should be unique and understandable for visitors.
  5. Be sure to use the description tag to present the page description to search engines and add high-quality snippets to the output.
  6. Another important tag is Keywords, to which all the requests for which you want to promote the resource page are added.
  7. For convenient work with all the tags described above, download the plugin Platinum Seo Pack.
  8. To format the headings in articles, use the tags H1, H2, H3. They must be installed in accordance with the importance of the title.
  9. Highlight the most important words from the text, it can be done by any means, bold, italic, other color or underline.
  10. All articles that you add to the site should be unique, interesting and without grammatical errors.
  11. Make sure that no duplicate pages appear on the site. Often when using engines such problem appears, if necessary, close them from indexing.
  12. Be sure to work on the page with error 404. The Yandex website says that even this affects the speed of its indexing.
  13. Develop the correct structure of the site on a regular piece of paper and work through internal linking, search engines will appreciate this.
  14. In order for search engines to index new materials faster, and it would be more convenient for them to do this, install a site map, for this there is a Sitemap Generator plugin.
  15. On the site, add various widgets and blocks with links to different posts. For example, through the WP Popular Post plugin you can display the most popular entries.
  16. When adding links to website pages, try to stick to their moderate amount.
  17. Buying links is often presented as a prohibited way of promotion, but if you can get a lot of links, it will have a positive effect on the development of the site.
  18. The quality of links plays a key role; if links are natural, this is good, if not quality, they can even be detrimental to development.

WordPress Site Management Tips

Follow all these recommendations and try to learn all the subtleties of site management. Especially for WordPress users, we also talked about WordPress Settings, we advise you to read this article, since beginners can discover new features for using this engine.

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