WordPress plugin for highlighting WP-Note text

Beautiful design of articles is one of the factors that affects the promotion of the site.

Each owner of an informational site or blog should understand that the more beautiful the publications look, the more attention they attract .

Therefore, due to the content design, behavioral factors can be improved.

WordPress plugin for text selection is one of the best extensions of this engine, which allows you to transform the site materials externally.

You do not have to pay for its use, the plug-in is free, and in this article we will show how it works, and you will definitely want to put it on your website.

WordPress plugin for highlighting WP-Note text

How to select text on WordPress?

After installing the extension, you do not need to customize anything.

You can select text by enclosing its parts in special tags.

A total of 5 block formats are available, and what tags you need to register to add them, we will now tell.

  • A light yellow key block can be set using the important tag
  • A dim purple block with a page icon is added with tags note
  • Inserted with a light bulb with tags tip
  • You can highlight text in red and set a warning icon to it by enclosing the text in warning
  • tags. The green selection with a question mark icon is set by help

tags icons, you can provide different data - warnings, questions, footnotes, ideas, key information and so on. Try to pick the right blocks for specific content.

Setting is easy when editing or adding a new article, just insert the tags that we described above, here's a good example:

The more often you add such blocks, the better the information will be perceived by visitors. Try using the WP-Note plugin, tagging does not take much time, and beautifully designed posts will definitely affect the improvement of the PF.

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