WordPress antivirus protection, how to protect the engine from viruses?

Through the WordPress system, new sites are constantly being created, because learning to use this platform is not at all difficult, and with its help a full-fledged site is obtained (as opposed to using constructors).

Most newbies do not even think about the security of their resources, and the problem with hacking sites is more relevant than ever.

Naturally, fraudsters are interested in infecting websites with viruses, and the easiest way to do this is through free templates and plugins. Thousands of people use free WordPress products every day and you can never be sure that the developer is an honest user.

WordPress antivirus protection, how to protect the engine from viruses?

How to protect the engine from viruses?

WordPress anti-virus protection is available to absolutely everyone, it can be used absolutely free. On the official website, you can download the Antivirus plugin or find it through the administrative panel. After installation and activation, you will have the opportunity to scan the site to find viruses.

After testing, the plugin will identify all potentially dangerous scripts in the code of your site and select them at the bottom of the interface. You will be given the opportunity to indicate whether a virus has been detected or it is an error:

WordPress antivirus protection, how to protect the engine from viruses?

The plugin issues a code that, in its opinion, can be malicious, and there are necessary buttons above it. You can go to the editor and independently check a part of the code for the presence of unnecessary elements.

If you don’t understand the code?

Those webmasters who do not have enough knowledge to identify the malicious code or really needed use the engines. Alternatively, you can submit potentially dangerous codes on the forums so that experienced webmasters tell you if it is a virus or not.

As an option, you can turn to professional freelancers, for a small amount of money you will definitely be helped to understand the code.

There is also a manual search method. To do this, you will need to install the same template and the same plug-ins on the new site, then scan and delete all the codes that were displayed by the antivirus. It is very important to delete items one by one and constantly check the changes on the site. The process is time consuming, but effective.

Every webmaster should timely think about the security of his resource and use the necessary tools. Using the Antivirus plugin for WordPress, you can set up email alerts that will notify you of the appearance of malicious scripts on the site.

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