Women's teaser network Tizerlady, advertising for women

One of the most common topics for creating websites is women's topic. Every day new resources appear in the network for the beautiful half of humanity.

The advantages of choosing this topic are obvious, women's traffic is perfectly converted, and it’s easier to fill such resources, because wide and on the exchanges for the texts asking not a lot of money.

At Workion, we already told you where to monetize female traffic, and this article will add to this topic with another high-quality teaser network. The name of this service, it appeared quite a long time ago, and webmasters are offered effective teasers with high CTR. You can add as many ad units to your resource.

Women's teaser network Tizerlady, advertising for women

Advertising for women

This project offers monetization of websites through these blocks:

Women's teaser network Tizerlady, advertising for women

The conversion of such "shocking" advertising is quite high, and the average cost per click is 2. 2 rubles. This cost is set for clicks of users from the Runet. Also, the system accepts not only women's topics, but as close as possible to it.

Women's teaser network Tizerlady accepts sites with the following requirements:

  • over 50% of the site’s audience must be women;
  • there must be at least 500 hosts per day;
  • traffic from the Runet must be at least 50%;
  • the site must have statistics counters.

Does your site meet these requirements? You can add it to the system and make a profit.

For large customers (sites with more than 10,000 hosts per day), there are separate conditions for the installation of advertising. Naturally, they are more profitable, and they are set individually.

Here you can also attract referrals; an affiliate program allows you to earn 5% of the amount of their income.

So, what do you get after registering in the system and adding your site? First, effective advertising with a large proportion of clicks. Secondly, high pay per click. Thirdly, the opportunity to earn on the affiliate program. Fourth, stable payments on orders. Take advantage of this resource and profitably monetize women's sites.

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