Wmzona - mailer for earnings in dollars

To start getting money from the Internet, we are provided with many different options and services. Working with mailers has already become a popular activity that allows beginners to enter e-commerce.

Mailer Wmzona, is one of the many climax sponsors that deserves attention. Over a long period of development since 2004, this system has gained immense popularity and has steadily continued to develop, systematically increasing the user base.

The work you need to do on Wmzona is quite simple, and this project also has some advantages. In order to make a profit, you only need to browse the sites, and carry out the simplest tasks, we will consider both of these processes in more detail in this material.

I would also like to say that Wmzona has a developed exchange of articles, as well as the possibility of investing its own funds. It is these two factors that make this mailer more distinct from similar services.

Wmzona - mailer for earnings in dollars

Wmzona - Internet business zone

Before you can start making money, you need to go registration. Becoming a Wmzona user is not at all difficult; all you need to do is fill out a standard form:

Wmzona - mailer for earnings in dollars

Immediately after this, you will receive an email with a link, following which will confirm your registration and allow to make money. Clicking on this link, the following window will appear:

Wmzona - mailer for earnings in dollars

Now you have received confidential data and you can pass authorization on the service. The road to earning is open for you, and in order to receive money for site views, you need to go to the following menu item:

Wmzona - mailer for earnings in dollars

Go to " Site Visits ", you will be presented with a large list of links. Choose one of them and during the transition you will be asked a question (the usual test for bots), in our case it is:

Wmzona - mailer for earnings in dollars

Choosing the correct answer, a new tab will open in your browser where the advertiser's site will be located. At the bottom of the page, an advertisement and a timer will be set, after which time you will receive payment.

Wmzona - mailer for earnings in dollars

This is how the block with the timer looks like, as you can see, the example is set to 23, which means that we have 23 more seconds to view the site. In some cases, at the end of the timer, you will need to pass a captcha test, after which you will immediately receive your money.

Now the tab with this site can be closed and in the same way you can earn money by visiting other sites.

Of course, browsing websites is not a productive way to make money, so you can use earnings to complete assignments. To do this, you again need to go to the "Earn" section:

Wmzona - mailer for earnings in dollars

The list of tasks for Wmzona is as follows:

Wmzona - mailer for earnings in dollars

As you can see, each task in the list is accompanied by a certain price that you will receive for completing.

To go to a detailed description of the actions you need to perform, click the green button "What you need to do" and you will be presented with the details of the task, if you agree to perform them and get the specified price for it, click "Run now".

To present you an example, we selected one of the tasks and clicked " Run now ", after which we were presented with the details of the implementation:

Wmzona - mailer for earnings in dollars

All you need is to subscribe to the Vkontakte page and like the post. To perform such a task is simple, so we, without thinking, follow the link and perform the described actions.

After execution, you need to use the form for sending reports, which is below the description of the requirements for implementation:

Wmzona - mailer for earnings in dollars

Specify the link to the page, go through the captcha and click "Send report ". Everything, it now remains to wait until the advertiser approves the application and confirms the completion, after which you will receive payment.

Not all tasks involve the use of social networks, some of them contain information about the need to register in the game and pass several levels. Thus, it will be possible to earn money by playing games.

In addition to organizing active earnings on the Wmzona project, each user can build a referral network. Inviting partners to this service, you will receive 10% of their earnings, as well as 5% from people who are invited by your referrals and their referrals.

In other words, the referral system contains 3 levels, which allows, after attracting several active users, to get a stable profit.

Wmzona task assistant

One of the significant advantages of this mailer is an extension for the browser. Unfortunately, it can be installed only in Mozilla Firefox.After adding the task assistant, you will see an additional menu in the browser:

Wmzona - mailer for earnings in dollars

A line with various functions will definitely be useful for you to complete the tasks. With its help it is easy to collect performance reports so that you understand the functions, let's consider them separately:

Start - the information begins to be recorded in the log (log).

Show log - opens the log of the last links where you went.

О1, О2 and О3 - buttons for copying the log to the report (the number indicates the completeness of the report).

Clear Log - delete the log.

Clean up Cookies - clear temporary files (often required when performing tasks).

AC - add a link to the open site in the report.

DT - adding selected text to the report.

Instruction - go to the description of functions.

It’s really convenient to use this plugin, at any time you can open the log, view the last opened pages, visit time, your IP address, and copy them to the buffer:

Wmzona - mailer for earnings in dollars

Even for an experienced performer, this is a useful thing, but there is one problem. Mozilla Firefox now requires a signature to install extensions, so you have to perform a few additional steps in order to download the plugin.

How to install Wmzona task assistant?

You need to temporarily disable the check function and discard all warnings. There are definitely no viruses in this plugin, so don’t worry. You will need to do the following:

  1. Open a new browser tab and enter about: config in the address bar and promise that you will be careful:
  2. Wmzona - mailer for earnings in dollars
  3. Then in the search bar, type xpinstall. signatures. required, double-click on the line that appears to change the value to false:
  4. Wmzona - mailer for earnings in dollars
  5. Now you need to move the downloaded plug-in file to any area of ​​the new browser tab:
  6. Wmzona - mailer for earnings in dollars
  7. A warning about installing an unverified add-on appears, click "Install":
  8. Wmzona - mailer for earnings in dollars

After restarting the browser, a new line of task assistant will appear, You can start using the tools.

Questions about working at Wmzona

Although this clicker sponsor supports the Russian language, users often have questions when using it. We have compiled the most popular problems faced by beginners:

  1. What is Wmzona mining?

This is an opportunity to make a profit on the machine, this is described in detail in our separate article - earnings on a video card with Wmzona.

  1. How to change the IP when performing a task?

Advertisers are often asked to change the network address before starting the task. See the instructions in the article how to log in via another IP.

  1. How to clear cookies?

This requirement is also often found in tasks, the article on what cookies are and how to clean them will help you understand this.

  1. How to attract referrals to Wmzona?

If you do not have your own website, you can create topics on the forums, talk about the website on social networks or invite people from other mailers on assignments ( how to run a task on Seosprint).

  1. Is the sale of articles profitable on Wmzona?

This way of earning is considered to be additional here, buyers do not often visit this store, although the competition is much lower than on.

  1. Should I make money on surfing sites?

You should better focus your efforts on the tasks. Surfing and letters will bring you no more than 2 dollars a month.

  1. How to send a screen to an advertiser?

You can make a screen and upload it to any photo hosting site, but it's better to use special tools (convenient work with screenshots).

  1. Which tasks are better to choose?

You yourself need to decide which is more convenient - perform many small tasks or take on complex tasks and receive large rewards. Registrations with activity are the most expensive.

Using various tricks and all the ways to make money on this mailer, experienced users manage to collect good money. You can also try your hand at this, the site is proven and has proven its honesty during its existence.

Simple sites are ideal for beginners, there are other best mailers where you can also easily get money.

In general, the Wmzona project is an ideal option for making money online without an investment of and with a novice level of knowledge. Try it and you earn the first money with Wmzona. com and most likely you will hardly leave this project.

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