Wmmail subscriptions and investing money

With the Wmmail project, every Internet user can quickly start making money on the Internet.

You do not need to learn anything, as well as invest money. Open an account in Webmoney, register on the mailer and go to the tasks for which you will pay money.

Subscriptions and investing on Wmmail are two types of tasks that we have combined, since there are not many of them on the click sponsor.

Using tasks with subscriptions, you only need to specify your Email to receive mailings. The investment section contains tasks for registering on various investment sites.

Subscribed to the newsletter and received money

How to make money on mailboxes? Tasks with Wmmail subscriptions are the best option:

Wmmail subscriptions and investing money

There is nothing easier than doing this type of task. Payment here is small, but 5-10 seconds is enough for each job.

Most often, you must specify Email and then confirm it by clicking on the link from the received letter. Newsletters for earnings are used more and more often, so tasks with subscriptions appear often.

This image presents an excellent example of a task. Everything is painted on points, and in the report you need to specify only the address of the mail that you use. Yes, 3 cents is a small amount of money, but remember that it will take little time to complete the task. For 5-7 minutes you can subscribe immediately to 10 mailings and earn 30 cents.

Tasks with investments

There are many different systems on the network in which you need to invest money. All these projects have an affiliate program with which you can earn money by attracting new members.

On Wmmail, tasks of this type are often created, and you can choose the options that are suitable for you:

Wmmail subscriptions and investing money

The conditions of some tasks allow you to join the project with a small contribution, and due to the assignment, immediately return the money spent. Thus, you can use investment services without your own expenses. Do not believe? Here is an example:

Wmmail subscriptions and investing money

In this task it is proposed to register in the investment game and replenish the account with 15 rubles. No passing levels and difficult conditions, just registration and a small contribution.

After that, send the login and ID to the advertiser to get a reward. Please note that spending 15 rubles on the game, you will receive 17 for the assignment.

It is also worth considering that by making investments, you will also be able to receive additional funds from the project on which you register. In other words, the advertiser returned the money to you, and you can still make money in the future.

On assignments Wmmail is quite realistic in making good money, but you need to actively carry out assignments. Subscriptions and investing are not the only kind of profitable tasks, so we advise our readers to read about earnings on reviews and downloads with the most popular clicker sponsor of the Runet.

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