Wmmail site history. How did Wmmail appear?

Few people remember 2004, when Wmmail first appeared and the first users started registering on it.

Then this site was not so popular, many doubted that it would exist for a long time, but this He will be 12 years old and he continues to grow rapidly.

All sites were once startups and their first versions are very different from what we see on the modern Internet.

As Wmmail appeared, old-timers still remember, but the younger generation hardly caught those times. Previously, this clicker sponsor had much fewer functions, and the first news told that on the first launch day there were 200 registrations.

Wmmail site history. How did Wmmail appear?

Wmmail site history

Over the past few years, many changes have passed, Wmmail has been replenished through Payeer, YouTube tasks and simplified registration.

We are all accustomed to seeing the bright design of the site in orange-blue tones, although earlier this site looked like this:

Wmmail site history. How did Wmmail appear?

By modern standards, the design is poor, but then it was normal. Naturally, there were no games added, referral exchanges, an article store, a section with photos and much more. All this was added as the project progressed.

Some rules have been preserved to this day. For example, ref. the system from the very beginning was 5 levels and the percentages in it did not change. The site was also divided for advertisers and performers.

The minimum amount for payments was also 10 cents, and during registration it was required to specify the WMZ purse:

Wmmail site history. How did Wmmail appear?

Now more than 620,000 participants are registered in the bush. 40>, and in the first days after the launch of the project, their number did not exceed thousands. Naturally, there was a time when no one had time to order payouts with Wmmail, although he read letters:

Wmmail site history. How did Wmmail appear?

It all seems like some sort of medieval age, but this was the well-known clique sponsor , almost 10 years ago. It is difficult to say exactly when the design of this project was updated, but according to the archive, in 2011 it took on the look in which we see it today.

To show how the statistics has changed, look at the following image:

Wmmail site history. How did Wmmail appear?

In just 5 years, total payments increased by more than 4. 5 million dollars , and the number of participants is almost 400,000 people (although inactive ones are permanently deleted, so the data can not be compared).

One of the latest updates is Wmmail coins. A new currency has been added, since Webmoney has forbidden to play games for real money.

During its existence, the click sponsor of Wmmail has seriously risen and turned from an ordinary box into a multifunctional system that comes in handy for various purposes. Some come here just to chat with other people.

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