Wmmail: registration, earnings, assignments

Hello Workion blog readers. ru. Earn on Wmmail, this is one of the opportunities to make money without leaving home using a computer.

This project is ideal for novice Internet workers, and all the work responsibilities are so simple that every person can handle them.

Wmmail: registration, earnings, assignments

The Wmmail mail service is not the only project providing an opportunity for a simple type of earnings, but we chose it because it has been operating for more than 8 years, has stability, a huge audience of users and continues to evolve.

In this article we will review the registration process and earn some amount using one of the methods of earnings. I recommend to start to see the video lesson.

You need to start with the fact that in order to organize earnings, you will definitely need an electronic account in the Webmoney payment system. Instructions on registration, read the article - Register Webmoney

Wmmail: registration, earnings, assignments

Wmmail: registration, earnings, assignments

Register Wmmail

Need to create an electronic the purse is explained by the fact that the system is protected from creating additional accounts and starting to register, you will need to log in through your WMID.

After registering your e-wallet, you can proceed to register for Vmail.

Click the button - " Register " and follow the instructions.

The first step is authorization through the Webmoney payment system:

Wmmail: registration, earnings, assignments

Click "Proceed to register" and get to the secure Webmoney service page by which authorization is made. Choose one of the authorization methods, and specify the necessary information:

Wmmail: registration, earnings, assignments

By completing the necessary steps, you will be directed to a project where you will need to specify some data necessary to continue the registration:

Wmmail: registration, earnings, assignments

It’s easy to fill out this form, create a username and password, enter your box, enter the dollar purse of the Webmoney payment system, agree to the rules and click "register".

Now it is easier to register, you can create an account without a WebMoney wallet and even start earning money.

This registration ends and on the next page you will be presented with your data that will be required for authorization on the site and confirmation of various actions:

Wmmail: registration, earnings, assignments

Required Note the password for transactions, which is best recorded separately. This password will need to be entered for various actions in the system. In addition, thanks to the password for transactions, you can increase the security level of your account.

Getting Started on Wmmail

Now we can log in to our account and start exploring the interface. To do this, specify the username and password in a special form:

Wmmail: registration, earnings, assignments

The orange arrow is the login button. When entering the site as an authorized user, you will observe the statistics of your account, as well as you can familiarize yourself with the menu items of the site:

Wmmail: registration, earnings, assignments

As you can see, on the account that we have just registered , no cash. Now we will look at how to make the first money on Wmmail . On the image you see that opposite the menu item "Letters", is set to "116" (you may have something else).

This value tells us that at the moment we are provided with a view of 116 sites, and for each of them we will receive a certain amount of money.

How to make money on Wmmail?

You can earn money on click sponsors in several ways. When logged in to Wmmail, the main menu is displayed in the left menu. Let's look at them separately, so that each newcomer will understand what he has to do:

  1. Earn Wmmail on letters.

Click on the "Letters" item and watch the list of available sites:

Wmmail: registration, earnings, assignments

This table shows letters after reading which, as well as the transition under the link, we will receive payments. The amount of money that we get for viewing one letter is indicated in the "Cost" column.

After clicking on one of the items in this list, you will be taken to the letter, it is not necessary to read it, but you must follow the link that is listed at the very bottom.

Wmmail: registration, earnings, assignments

Clicking on the link opens a new browser tab, which will contain the advertiser's site. In addition to the advertiser's site, the new tab will contain a frame with a timer, and you will have to wait until the time runs out:

Wmmail: registration, earnings, assignments

When the time is up, you may be asked to enter a captcha:

Wmmail: registration, earnings, assignments

In this example, the repeated number is 15.

After selecting the value indicated by the number, the following message should appear:

Wmmail: registration, earnings, assignments

This means that you have successfully viewed the site and can now close the tab to start reading other letters.Returning to the site, at the top of the interface, you can observe how the balance of your account has changed:

Wmmail: registration, earnings, assignments

Also, the rating in the Email system has increased, which allows you to receive various privileges and use additional functionality.

  1. Earn Wmmail surfing.

In addition to earning money from reading letters, you can use surfing, auto-surfing and performing tasks. Surfing and autosurfing are almost the same, and when using this type of earnings, you only need to browse the sites, which will be accompanied by a timer.

To get started, you need to go to the appropriate section and select one of the options:

Wmmail: registration, earnings, assignments

During manual surfing, everything happens just like when working with letters. If you select automatic surfing, then the advertised sites will open one by one and no captcha appears here.

  1. Earnings on tasks from Wmmail.

Completion of tasks, this is a more complex and more productive form of earnings at Wmmail, which you can also use. Going to the "Tasks" section, you will receive a list of available offers from employers.

For example, you can register or write a comment; you will receive money for these actions. The minimum cost of completing assignments is 1 cent, based on this, you can already draw conclusions about the productivity of this type of earnings.

How to make money on Wmmail on assignments?

It is on assignments that beginners make good money. During the day in such a way it is quite possible to collect 3-5 dollars. Working with tasks is somewhat more difficult than viewing sites, but the payment here is more. The contractor himself chooses which order to take for him, the choice is large, several thousand orders are always available in the bush:

Wmmail: registration, earnings, assignments

In some cases, the rewards exceed $ 1, but it takes too much time to complete them. It is much more convenient to choose a dozen small orders and quickly complete them in order to receive the same amount. After selecting the task, you need to click on it and see the detailed description:

Wmmail: registration, earnings, assignments

A simple order to join the group and repost any record. As you can see, only 1 cent is paid for such work (approximately 60 kopecks), but in 1 minute it’s really possible to do 10 instructions and receive 6 rubles. To start execution, you need to click the first button. The page will immediately open, where the task is performed:

Wmmail: registration, earnings, assignments

As we were asked, we join the group. Then you need to return to the task to press the second button. The advertiser must somehow check that his order has been completed. In this example, we ask for control to send a link to your account, we indicate it in a special form:

Wmmail: registration, earnings, assignments

After clicking the "Send" button, the task is checked. As soon as the advertiser makes sure that the entry has been made from the indicated page, he will send money to the performer. Do not worry that you are deceived, the moderators are watching. Just do not make mistakes yourself, carefully read the description.

Secrets of successful earnings on Wmmail tasks

Novices, when they see statistics of advanced users, are surprised. How they manage to do so many tasks. There are some chips that help improve work efficiency. A few simple tips will help you get more money from tasks:

  1. There are many tasks on Wmmail that you can do every day. For example, clicks on advertising. So that you do not have to look for suitable orders daily, make your own selection. Add as many assignments as you wish to the isobaric one and carry out the same instructions every day:
  2. Wmmail: registration, earnings, assignments

  3. Not all tasks are profitable and easy to carry out. Sometimes advertisers pay more, but it will take a long time to complete the task. When choosing orders, filter them by the number of payments. In this case, the best, verified tasks will appear:
  4. Wmmail: registration, earnings, assignments

  5. In tasks, you are often asked to clear cookies. These are temporary files that are saved on a computer when visiting different sites. Much easier to do with the program. It has this and several other useful functions for performers:
  6. Wmmail: registration, earnings, assignments

  7. What is also often asked to do before starting to perform - change the IP. There are many programs for this, but they are usually paid. A simple browser plugin offers 3 free proxies and it is convenient to switch them, just set the position "ON" and start working:
  8. Wmmail: registration, earnings, assignments

  9. Another useful program for users saves a lot of time. Jobs with registrations appear often and pay well. With this utility, registration fields will be filled in automatically. First you need to add several templates:
  10. Wmmail: registration, earnings, assignments

The more tasks you complete, the more money comes. With these programs and tricks, you can accurately cope with a large amount of instructions.The job, though simple, is also better to ease.

Wmmail Affiliate Program

With Wmmail, you can earn and attract referrals. By inviting people to this system, you will receive a certain percentage of their earnings. The referral system supports 5 levels, i.e. even from those users whom your referrals will invite, you will receive some percentages.

Wmmail: registration, earnings, assignments

It is worth noting that there is a special referral exchange in the system, through which you can buy or sell referrals, which once again underlines the positive side of this earnings.

Wmmail: registration, earnings, assignments

Some users invest in the purchase of referrals, others, on the contrary, sell them so that they do not have to wait long for profits. You can not hurry, you need to choose carefully, because sometimes active referrals turn into "corpses" and it is better to refrain from buying them.

Try making money on Wmmail and you will discover new opportunities that will allow you to allocate additional income when using the Internet.

Earnings on articles from Wmmail

Why not do copyright work and write interesting texts to sell them to those who have websites. Everyone has certain knowledge that comes in handy in the field of copywriting. Surely you have some interests to come up with interesting material.

No ideas? Here are a few examples:

  • problems of modern youth;
  • what to do with a broken arm;
  • a movie or series review;
  • description models of your smartphone;
  • how to dress fashionably and with taste;
  • secrets and chips of some computer game;
  • selection of the best mobile applications;
  • tips on raising a child.

Include fantasy, a lot of options, but you have to work a lot. To put your material on sale, you need to go to the "My Articles" section and click "Add a new article". A form will open where the name is written, the category and the type of text are selected, and the article is also inserted:

Wmmail: registration, earnings, assignments

There are other fields on this page. First, the key words are indicated, according to which buyers can search for the necessary material. Then a description is written, it is necessary for buyers, because no one will show the full text to them. And of course, the price, in the store of Wmmail articles, the average price per 1000 characters is 1. $ 92, but it’s better to bet less until it is unwound. Buyers of articles see the “product” in this format:

Wmmail: registration, earnings, assignments

They decide whether to buy or not to buy an article based on the author’s rating, description, and selected short text. Moderators manually check each text, if there are errors in it, they will warn buyers about this.

Copywriting is even more profitable than completing assignments. Let's imagine that in one day you write at least 3 articles of 4000 characters each. For a beginner, this is a real strap. It turns out 12,000 characters, and if you get for them for the dollar, the profit will be 12 $ or 720 rubles . This is only the beginning, after the development of prices, you can raise, and write more texts.

Withdrawing money from Wmmail

Not so long ago, the mailer administration reworked the withdrawal system. Previously, it was possible to withdraw only to Webmoney, but now there are other payment systems and transfer to phone numbers. Verification of a phone number is required for withdrawal of money:

Wmmail: registration, earnings, assignments

It is not difficult to pass it, you specify the number and password for operations. The phone receives a special code, enter it and everything is ready (nothing is deducted from the balance):

Wmmail: registration, earnings, assignments

The withdrawal page presents separate forms for transfer to Payeer, Yandex. Money, Webmoney or phone number. They are the same, just enter the amount and click "Output". The application is processed instantly if the rating is high, and it takes up to 5 days:

Wmmail: registration, earnings, assignments

Please note that there is a limit on the withdrawal. These measures are introduced to improve safety and balance sharing. Money entered into the account can only be withdrawn in the same way. If you earn them on assignments, articles or in other ways, you can transfer funds anywhere.

Program for Wmmail

No other click sponsor has its own program. Users can install the Wmmail Agent to keep track of their balance, receive timely suggestions for reading letters, visiting surfing sites, track the number of referrals, receive notifications about new messages, and so on:

Wmmail: registration, earnings, assignments

Wmmail is free, useful for active users. It weighs little, does not consume system resources and folds to tray. There are several settings, the parameters can not be changed, everything works stably. When the program is running, when sites appear in surfing or when an incoming message appears, a notification is displayed:

Wmmail: registration, earnings, assignments

It is impossible to work in the program, except to watch the sites in surfing.By the way, they appear here much more often. If when ordering attendance, the advertiser does not want Wmmail to be the source of traffic, he can choose a special function and then all transitions are performed directly (from the program).

How much can you earn on Wmmail?

This question torments all newbies, because there are so many reviews on the Internet that the axle boxes are not able to generate income at all. Usually freeloaders and losers trying to cut down easy money tell about it. Here they are not there, it will be necessary to work actively for every cent, although the tasks are simple and they take a long time.

I would just like to say about letters and surfing; it’s really impossible to earn a decent amount using these methods. There is no dollar in a month, so it’s better to browse sites only when there is nothing to do or in parallel with the assignments.

Assignments for a beginner are the best method. Let's try to calculate the approximate income from such work. Suppose you selected tasks with video views and social group introductions. networks.

Usually, 1-3 cents are paid for work, and it is executed for a maximum of 15-25 seconds. Even in this situation, in a minute you manage to earn 4-12 cents, and in 10 minutes it is already 0. 4-1. 2 dollars. Everything is in the hands of performers, you need to work actively and not be distracted.

We already spoke about the articles and calculated the approximate income. According to the latter method of earnings (referrals), you need to be told separately, since in this case incomes are very different. At the same time, the matter is not only in the number of guests, but also in how active they are.

My success story on Wmmail, withdrew more than $ 100,000 from the project

I started working with the site many years ago, then I did not have a blog, I didn’t generally understood in remote earnings. I immediately liked the site, so I began to actively use it. After some time, the administration suggested that I become a moderator, and I occupy this position now ( Drugan17 ).

Moderation and assistance to users are paid a small salary, but I get much more from an affiliate program. At first I attracted participants to my team with interesting bonuses, profitable contests, through social networks and many other ways.

When the team began to grow rapidly and make a good profit, I decided to make a blog. Own site really helps to attract a lot of people to different sites, but in order to promote it, you have to work and invest. I don’t regret anything, time and money was well spent, with the Wmmail box I earned a decent amount:

Wmmail: registration, earnings, assignments

This is the best proof that you can bring substantial money . A lot of reviews and articles have been written about this, but I made sure by my example, axle boxes are also profitable.

You can try to put together a large team in other ways, but a blog is ideal. You have already seen statistics on Wmmail, but you can’t even imagine how much it comes from other sites. The total amount is impressive, but it constantly floats, so I can’t give an exact figure.


The official Wmmail site can definitely be a source of decent profit. In order to achieve large deductions it is better to build a referral network. In this case, the money drips without vigorous action. Only quick profit will not be seen, you need to wait for the referrals to unwind too.

The option of writing articles is not bad, but not everyone can write quality texts. Such an activity requires perseverance and money does not come quickly either, so the hands of newcomers are lowered too. Some materials are on sale for several months and nobody buys them.

Tasks allow you to quickly achieve a stable income. It does not compare with the profit from the articles or developed ref. network, but the money will not have to wait. For beginners, this is suitable, few people count on prospects, wanting to earn "Here and now." Well, letters and surfing complement a small profit.

Working with Wmmail is definitely worth it, no matter who says , and this site has been paying money for 13 years and is constantly improving. In my opinion, if anyone can be trusted on the Internet, so it is similar systems. Over the long term, they have proved that there is a point in their existence. If no one earned here, the site would not have worked for a year.

Almost every day there are numerous reviews on Wmmail on the Internet. This is not surprising, the mailer in RuNet is the most popular. No investment to work with it is not necessary, therefore, it is worth a try. At least, you will always have a part-time job; no one here forces you to spend a certain time or perform some tasks.

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