Wmmail Money Games, Play Wmmail and Earn

The Wmmail project this week has crossed the threshold of 500,000 registered users, which is an excellent indicator of the development of this resource.

This click sponsor stands out among its analogs with broad functionality, and you can use it not only for easy money, but and for cash games.

Wmmail cash games are used extensively, and some users manage to make good money on this. Despite the fact that the games are simple, they quickly drag out, because the main excitement develops because of the stakes with real money. You can also play Wmmail cash games, you just need to register.

Wmmail Money Games, Play Wmmail and Earn

Wmmail Money Games, Play Wmmail and Earn

Play Wmmail and earn

There are 3 games inside the system, which we will describe in detail in this article. Each of them can be profitable, if not just to play, but to use some strategy, which we will also tell you about.

So, in the "Games" section, you can choose one of the options:

Wmmail Money Games, Play Wmmail and Earn

I would just like to say about the CBN - this game stone-scissors-paper, which is developed on a separate site. It also hosts real money games. It was created by one of the active users.


A game whose rules are known to absolutely everyone. A free field is given where two players can set crosses and zeros, and their goal is to make a row of 5 characters. The only feature is a field with a large number of cells:

Wmmail Money Games, Play Wmmail and Earn

A game is played between real people, which is a huge plus. Bets can be set independently (create games) or connect to already created games.

To increase your chances of winning this game, you can use special programs. It is not difficult to find them on the Internet, but using programs, keep in mind that they cannot fully automate the process of the game, but will only give you hints.


A simpler game in which you will need to step through each line of the playing field and not get caught in a mine:

Wmmail Money Games, Play Wmmail and Earn

Each row contains only one mine, so when choosing a cell, your chances are 1 to 5. It is quite difficult to achieve frequent wins in the sapper, but there are some subtleties here as well. In addition to playing with other participants, you can create your own. What's the difference? According to probability theory and statistics, game creators win more often.


This is the most interesting game on Wmmail, which appeared later than the rest. The player is given the right to choose defense and strike, after which a "fight" is made and the winner is determined:

Wmmail Money Games, Play Wmmail and Earn

In this image you can see one of the games in which you managed to win. How? We set a blow to the head, and protection on the case and belt. Now we’ll check the statistics and see how our opponent went:

Wmmail Money Games, Play Wmmail and Earn

As you can see, he tried to attack in the belt, where we had defense. We beat in the head, and the enemy defended the case and belt, therefore, the blow passed and we became the winner.

Users play duels actively; therefore, when creating games, they will instantly be played. Such conditions are ideal for applying Martingale tactics.

This strategy for a Wmmail duel has already been presented by us with good examples. The most important thing when applying it is to choose the right rates, and also not to deviate from the intended rate setting plan.

Another reason to use Wmmail click sponsor is real money games. Why not register at an online casino? There you definitely need to invest money, and you can first earn money on this mailer, for example, by completing a couple of registrations on different sites, and then use this money to conduct games.

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