Wmmail expands withdrawal methods

High-quality large-scale projects are constantly being developed, and click-through sponsors are no exception.

Wmmail does not cease to please its users. Recently, the administration seriously took up the redesign of withdrawal methods and added several new features at once.

A new payout system for Wmmail has collected only positive reviews, still, the site users dreamed that it was possible to transfer funds not only via Webmoney.

We recently talked about withdrawing to Payeer in Wmmail, but it was decided to expand the number of ways to , and new conditions appeared.

Wmmail expands withdrawal methods

Recently, a lot of interesting news has appeared on this site. Information must be learned by each user.

To make it as convenient as possible, we have divided it into several parts:

  1. Output to Yandex. Money from Wmmail. Another payment system has been added, to withdraw funds, you must specify a wallet in your account. The terms of transfer remain the same, and dollars from the balance are exchanged at the current rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

    Money from this payment (as well as from others), when replenishing, is credited to the main balance, but it can only be transferred to a purse in Yandex.

    Wmmail expands withdrawal methods
  2. Output to the phone from Wmmail. This is the best withdrawal method for all newbies. Available to top up the balance of the phone only for numbers from Russia.
  3. First you need to bind the number. Commission mailer is not charged, but the operator can remove it. Beeline and MTS deduct 3 rubles each, Tele2 and Megafon do not charge a commission. Be careful when binding, it is impossible to change the phone number.

    Wmmail expands withdrawal methods
  4. Separate balance. It is forbidden to exchange virtual currencies, so the administration has united the balance for users, but it is still separate. When withdrawing to different payment types, the available amount may vary.

    For example, if you deposited $ 1 through Payeer and earned $ 2 in the system, you can withdraw $ 2 to any payment, and transfer the last dollar back to Payeer.

    Wmmail expands withdrawal methods
  5. Output restrictions. As before, the automatic payment system operates, the amount depends on your rating and type of certificate.
    In addition, the withdrawal to payment orders (except Webmoney) is limited by rating. With a confirmed WMID, you need to score 10 ratings, without confirmation you need 20 ratings (you can withdraw from 20 cents to $ 1).
  6. Output delay with Wmmail. To improve the safety of users, the administration freezes the funds for 5 days. For example, if you complete an assignment, you can withdraw money only 5 days after they are credited.
    Made it to protect against scammers. Cases of hacking profiles are not unique, and in the allotted time, you can have time to file a complaint.

The administration assures that all possible restrictions are temporary and in the near future they will try to remove them (partially).

The most important thing is that the withdrawal methods are independent and each of them can be used for autopayment once every 24 hours. Also, advertisers were pleasantly pleased, because now they can withdraw money not spent.

It is good that such large projects do not forget about their users, especially Wmmail is the leader among Russian-language mailers. In the future, other output methods will definitely be added, and the functionality will continue to be expanded.

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