Wmmail chat sections

Why do most click-on sponsor users prefer the Wmmail project? There are many advantages to this service, but one of the main reasons is the active communication of participants.

Some users log in only to chat in the gazebo or ask questions in a special way. section.

Wmmail communication forces thousands of users to log in every day. The project administration takes this into account and now several sections have already been created for communication. And they continue to be updated, which makes the mailer more attractive.

Wmmail chat sections

In total, this system has 6 sections for communication between participants, let's consider them in more detail:

  1. Internal mail is necessary for personal communication between participants . In this section, anyone can write a letter to his referrer, referral, administration or any user. And when the rating exceeds 50, an additional tool "Templates" opens. With it, you can create a couple of templates for new referrals.
  2. Arbor is the most visited section. Only here, logging in at any time of the day you will observe users online. The section is designed for free communication on any topic. Often here flood and discuss topics that do not belong to the system Wmmail.
  3. Question-answer is a useful communication section in which you can get useful answers to your questions. The main difference from the gazebo is tough moderation. If you do not want to observe useless answers, then it is better to create a topic here.
  4. Ideas for the site - the section title speaks for itself. When a user gains 100 rankings, he has the opportunity to add ideas. Flood is also forbidden here, and if you decide to suggest something to the administration, it is better to first look at the ideas created, perhaps the proposed improvement has already been discussed.
  5. Photos is a section in which you can add various photos and pictures, and then discuss them with other users. The section appeared much later than the others, but they are using it more and more actively, for example, for posting screenshots.
  6. User diary - the last section for communication, where you can create various entries. The diary is open, so adding posts to it, they are seen by other users. Most often, the diary is used to provide useful information to referrals, to tell about contests, news or created jobs.

If you are new to Wmmail, then your opportunities in the communication sections may be limited. Therefore, we advise you to find out about the rating on Wmmail and be active in order to quickly get access to the full functionality of the system.

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