Without public Vkontakte, you can also earn, without investment

Using accounts from popular social networks you can make money on the Internet, and you don’t need to invest any money. Everyone knows that the way to open your own community is a promising option that can be developed. But how to earn Vkontakte without a group?

To make money without creating a community, you can use alternatives . You can choose from several types of activities, it is quite possible that you will find a suitable type of work among the options presented in this article.

Without public Vkontakte, you can also earn, without investment

  1. Group Administrator. You can become the administrator of popular groups and earn money by performing certain functions. Freelance exchanges systematically receive suggestions for working with groups, as a rule, it is the administrator’s responsibility to moderate comments, add new posts, and maintain communication with both participants and advertisers.
  2. Design of groups. Already today, the groups are on the same level with full-fledged sites, and their owners spend considerable money on maintaining the communities. On the same freelance exchanges, you can find suggestions for creating avatars or menus for Vkontakte publics.
  3. Promotion of groups. The most profitable option, since promotion services are in demand. In order to make the necessary cheating with minimal effort, you can use various tools. For example, a project may be useful to you, on which for only 190 rubles you can wind 1000 participants into a group. To provide other services, such as commenting, likes or reposts, you can use the Wmmail project. The minimum cost of one task is 1 cent, and you can include several actions in it. For example, you can specify several links for likes at once or set requirements to join two groups. In this case, this service may be the most profitable option to use cheat. In addition, country targeting can be used on Wmmail, and many group owners want to get members from certain cities or countries.
  4. Use special sites. If you did not like all the previous options, then you can use such services as, and. On them, users get money for joining groups, adding videos to their page, setting likes and more. There are quite a few orders, so you can earn the amount you need by spending enough time.

Without public Vkontakte, you can also earn, without investment

As an option, you can still earn some money as an intermediary. If you can find advertisers for large communities, you can take a higher amount from them. Try different ways and look for the best job for yourself.

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