Withdrawing money from Alpari affiliate program

Forex broker affiliate programs have always been profitable, so many users are engaged in attracting traders.

Participation rules are different everywhere and sometimes you just don’t want to read them, since "so everything is clear." But not everything is understandable, the broker’s partners

often wonder why they cannot withdraw the money they earn.

How to withdraw money from Alpari affiliate program? We will not talk about the need to specify your account numbers and order payments.

Funds are transferred to bank cards and accounts, as well as in the form of electronic money. Everything is very simple, only to receive payments, you need to take into account some requirements.

Withdrawing money from Alpari affiliate program

Terms of withdrawal of funds in the Alpari affiliate program

The company has been operating for 16 years and many people trust it, so they do not carefully read the rules of partnership cooperation. Generally speaking, Alpari is ready to cooperate only with "large" partners and only pays money if all referrals are working at once.

Under the terms of the affiliate program, you cannot withdraw money, if only one of the three attracted users brings 70% of the profits . That is, if you attract 3 referrals, and only one of them will be traded, you will not be able to order payments.

There are situations when two others also conduct transactions, but the profit from them is minimal, here an important role is played by the mark of 70% .

This is a tough condition, because there are always active and inactive referrals. However, these are not all the pitfalls of the Alpari affiliate program.

If you read the rules carefully, you can find many more interesting things:

  • within 6 months after attracting the first referral, their total number should exceed 10 traders, otherwise payments can suspend;
  • if the company notices any similarities with the data of your referrals (surnames, addresses, IP addresses), the account is blocked. It is better not to even tell your relatives and friends about the existence of this broker, in order to avoid unpleasant situations;
  • if the referral has not conducted transactions for 3 months, the company can remove it from your network;
  • by partner’s request, referrals who earn too much can be excluded from his network. Absurd, why remove those users who generate the most revenue? This is useful to at least something to withdraw from the account, as they can bring those 70% of the total profit;
  • only quality sources can be used to attract customers. There are no markups, redirects, spam and low-quality mailings, otherwise the contract with a partner is immediately terminated.

There is another interesting rule for withdrawing money in the Alpari affiliate program. Until you have fulfilled all the conditions for receiving payments, your income burns. To describe how this rule works, let's consider a specific example:

You started working in an affiliate program since January and were able to fulfill all the conditions for receiving payments, only by May.

Withdrawing money from Alpari affiliate program

The amount of your rewards is calculated as a percentage:

  • 100% for May;
  • 100% for April;
  • 80% for March;
  • 50% for February;
  • 0% for January.

It is necessary to immediately fulfill all the conditions for withdrawing money from Alpari, otherwise you can forget about paying the full amount.

There are many other brokers offering good conditions for partners. For example -



Is it worth cooperating with Alpari? If you can attract a huge number of referrals and are confident that each of them will be active, enter into a partnership agreement.

I would like to warn all newbies that it’s impossible to make money here from one or two clients, so it’s better to switch to other affiliate programs.

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