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"... the boy has a long remission - the time when the hardened cancer subsides and" understands "how to adapt. And most importantly, this is the only suitable time to cut out a weakened tumor and not leave metastasis. It does not last long

- We had a boy in the next ward, "Ira lowers her eyes. - The same diagnosis. He was also prescribed ten chemotherapy blocks. By the tenth, the tumor stopped responding, adapted. There were no more chances, therefore Germany was no longer taken. The child died ...

Dani still has a chance. Last. They take him, . 30 thousand euros This is unreal sum for Shipitsyn They are put up for sale apartment, but for many it will not give in Kiselevsk Mama Ira cried, and Danya frowns.. "Mom, you can not cry, dear God looks at you. He will help, "and he kneels again.

People, dear, strong adults, little angel Danya kneels trustingly in front of you, before your mercy. Now you are gods who can give him life or turn away. Help! ”

If you are not indifferent to the boy’s fate, you can contact his parents and / or transfer money using the following details:

Address: 652700, Russia, Kemerovo Region, Kiselevsk, Sedov St., 2-101.
Phones of parents: home (838464) 2-09-93, mobile 89502684691, 89089437610.

Telephone and email address mosco Alexandra’s volunteer who can transfer help for Dani from hand to hand and ask additional questions: (915) 431-31-34.

Siberian SBRF Bank, Novosibirsk
BIC 045004641
TIN 7707083893
correspondent account 30101810500000000641
of the branch 7387/0145
p / account 42307. 810. 2. 2620. 0500447
Recipient: Irina Shipitsyna

You can also transfer money to WebMoney: Z405860515025 and R244759017682 wallets. When translating, pay attention to the recipient: he must have Seller's Certificate , BL. 85 , login Navigator .

Details here.

Dani has only two weeks left.

Added: The required amount has been collected. Thanks to all those who responded!

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