Will content marketing completely replace link building in 2016 - Profit Hunter

Will content marketing completely replace link building in 2016 - Profit Hunter

2016 is not the first year when optimizers predict and will predict link building extinction. This promotion method has come a long way through the spam era that existed before Minusinsk and Penguin.


  1. Excursion into the recent past
  2. Content marketing does not replace link building
  3. Link building requires manual labor and promotion
  4. Conclusions

An excursion into the recent past

Link building prior to the implementation of these algorithms was mostly spam and automated, and the quantity was more important than quality.

Not all spam was cleared by search algorithms, but most useless links were excluded from participation in the ranking. This helps clear the link building industry. In addition, Google promises that the new version of Penguin (Penguin 4. 0) will soon be updated in real time.

Links have always been an important signal for ranking, if not more - the core of search algorithms. Today they are a powerful tool, as search engines continue to consider them as such. With each new Penguin update, or with each new measure taken manually by the Google anti-spam team, the search giant gives the referencing ranking factor more and more power, while at the same time scavenging debris (or "noise") that undermines link credibility.

With the arrival of Penguin in 2012, many began to move away from link building. Here are a few reasons for this.

  • The filter minimized the value of link spam and made getting links more difficult.
  • Penguin punished spam sites by making this method of promotion too risky.
  • Google did not give clear answers about the operation of the algorithm, which spread fear and doubts about the links.
  • Those who fell under the action of the algorithm, have become much more wary of references.
  • In contrast, the popularity of content marketing has grown as a means of promotion.

All these factors created ideal conditions for merging link promotion and content promotion. Many SEO experts saw the second method as a substitute for the first one and began to “earn” links through high-quality publications, which should have attracted links in a natural way.

However, there was one problem: the links did not appear on their own, because link building still requires the intervention of optimizers.

Content marketing does not replace link building (and this will not change in 2016)

The theory of "earning links" is based on the assumption that good content helps to naturally receive signals from third-party sites through social inclusion and public recognition. However, a recent study by BuzzSumo and Moz has proven the opposite.

More than a million articles were analyzed, after which it turned out that there is no relationship between social activity and links. Note that for the study selected the highest quality content, the popularity of which was tested. Here are 2 things that BuzzSumo employees noted as a result of this work:

  1. When we studied 750 thousand popular posts, we found out that 50% of them still have no external links . Although many articles get shares, and in some cases a very large number of shares, the situation with getting links is much less successful.

  2. Of the 1 million posts, we did not find a relationship between reposts and links, because people repost and link for various reasons.

Thus, links can be obtained only with the help of a properly chosen strategy for promoting and understanding the needs of Central Asia. Links do not arise by themselves, and to earn them without manual and well-directed labor optimizer will not work.

Will content marketing completely replace link building in 2016 - Profit Hunter

The findings described above indicate that the active distribution of content in social networks does not develop into the construction of external links. Creating high-performance content is the foundation of the basics, but without manual link building, it will not get the reference mass it deserves.

Link building requires manual labor and promotion

Without this, the potential of the content is fast asleep and great opportunities simply escape. Links are still a powerful signal for search algorithms. Ignoring this, you reduce the visibility of the site in the issuance compared to competitors. Moreover, links create marketing value, including:

  • Creating new points of interaction and relationships;
  • Connecting new users and communities;
  • Brand value (trust, credibility , recognition);
  • Increasing the number of access points to the site;
  • Traffic from the referring Internet resources.

Some links may come without the participation of the optimizer, naturally, but they are much smaller.To get the most out of content marketing, you need the right strategy and creativity.

Effective link building cannot be automated because it requires manual labor and:

  • creativity;
  • strategic advancement;
  • persuasiveness;
  • interactions between people;
  • marketing savvy;
  • audience research;
  • critical thinking;
  • building relationships.

Effective links are created by people and for people, and it is their search engines that value most highly .


Will content marketing completely replace link building in 2016 - Profit Hunter

Links should be part of marketing because they have fundamental value on the Internet. They will always be needed as your business grows. Other promotion techniques will generate link promotion opportunities, and without manual labor they will be missed.

It doesn't matter how the search engines change their algorithms. Links still remain fundamental to the global network. Without them, Internet surfing will be incredibly difficult, and this will not change either in 2016 or later.

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