Why wmmail is the best book, 25 reasons to get started

Like it or not, and the click sponsors remain in demand, among advertisers, among novice moneymakers.

These services solve two problems at once, helping to easily earn and order cheat on anything. That is why they are now divorced so much that the eyes run.

Why you should start making money on Wmmail - we will present 25 reasons to work for Vmail in this article.

This mailer is one of the first in its niche, and a lot has changed in its history, starting with a complete redesign of the interface and ending with the addition of new functions. Almost in 15 years of existence, it remains the best box.

Why wmmail is the best book, 25 reasons to get started

Why wmmail is the best book, 25 reasons to get started

Earnings on Wmmail - an ideal job for a beginner

Easy money attracts novice internet workers. They even pay for Vmmail for such simple actions as surfing sites and following links from emails.

Yes, it is impossible to turn it into the main source of profit, but there are more tasks from which you can collect up to $ 5 per day .

Read an interesting article - how Wmmail appeared, it also presents the design that was originally there.

Some users earn more, but for this they spend more time on work.

Relatively recently, half a cent task was added to the system, where you need to perform one specific action (for example, to like). Orders are the best option for a beginner:

Why wmmail is the best book, 25 reasons to get started

At the moment there are about 2,200 of them, the work is complete, but not all orders are profitable. Sometimes advertisers are asked to perform too many actions.

Therefore, you need to navigate in the amount of rewards and choose only the best tasks. Professionals do create favorites lists with reusable assignments.

On Wmmail, it is real to make good money

For mailers in general, the attitude is not serious among users. Yes, they are created for beginners, but with the right approach, they can bring a good income.

The most profitable option is to attract referrals. The affiliate program here is 5-tier, having gained many active partners, the network is already developing without tension.

On Vmail, everyone knows me under the nickname Drugan17. In addition, I am the moderator of the site, ranked first in the number of referrals. Taking into account referrals from all levels, 75,000 users come out:

Why wmmail is the best book, 25 reasons to get started

The figure is really big, but some of the referrals I sold, some were removed from the system for inactivity. In any case, such a developed network provides a stable income. I’ll show general statistics:

Why wmmail is the best book, 25 reasons to get started

Let someone tell me now that Wmmail is suitable only for beginners and you cannot earn much on it. I used to have no website either, I invited people in other ways.

Tasks should be performed only if you do not aspire to a lot of money or to get money for which you can buy referrals or order advertising.

25 advantages of Wmmail or why this book is the best

I have been working on the network for several years, including mail services. Already realized that they, too, come in handy, even experienced users. But it is Vmayl takes the first place, because he has many advantages:

  1. Here the best technical support, respond quickly, help to resolve controversial situations, look for the guilty and deal with the attackers.
  2. Differs from competitors in its Photos section on Wmmail. It comes in handy for storing screenshots when executing orders, but is also used for other purposes.
  3. Payments are instantaneous and this mailer is the first to add such a function. The amount depends on the rating of the participant.
  4. To order a payout, you only need to dial 10 cents. For newbies this is important, because they want to make sure that the site really pays.
  5. In addition to the usual ways of earning that are on each box, Wmmail offers to sell and buy articles in a special store.
  6. To work with referrals, a large set of functions, contests, bonus distribution, welcome letter and much more are offered.
  7. Besides the fact that a multi-level affiliate program is available here, interest comes not only from earnings, but also from advertisers' orders.
  8. To securely store loans or dollars in an account, you can put them in a safe. Even if someone manages to hack an account, the funds will not work.
  9. There are always a lot of tasks, and various filters and sorting modes are available for finding the necessary orders.
  10. A section with tutorials is made for new users. Also in the FAQ there are visual instructions with examples.
  11. The mailer has its own utility, the program for Wmmail (Agent) is useful for more convenient account management.
  12. Balance is kept in dollars, which is convenient and practical. The minimum payment of 1 cent brings about 55 kopecks, while in other boxes it is lower.
  13. Not a single mailer will boast the same level of protection. In particular, there are fewer multi-accounts here (for which they are immediately banned).
  14. For each account, detailed statistics are kept, you can even see from which IP previous logins were performed.
  15. In other boxes there is no possibility to buy a banner to attract referrals from the main page, and this method is quite effective.
  16. There are many fans of Vmail, so often new tasks appear and new orders are quickly executed.
  17. For entertainment, games are introduced on the site. Now to use them, coins are required, but there are tricky ways to exchange them for dollars.
  18. Communication on the site is available through several sections. In the gazebo is always someone online, help with answers, tips and other information.
  19. In the section "Arbor" a freebie is periodically heard. Scatter credit or cent just for leaving a message in the subject.
  20. There is a developed referral exchange on Wmmail, there are always a lot of offers and you can even make money on their resale.
  21. Vmmail is the only mailer where, to attract attention on the exchange of referrals, they offer to establish discounts for customers (red price tag).
  22. User diaries on Wmmail allow you to create your own pages and place any information on them (can be used to attract referrals).
  23. The administration of the book offers everyone to participate in its development. In a special section published ideas for improving the mailer.
  24. In addition to the ability to withdraw money to e-wallets, they added payouts to phone numbers (but only to Russian operators).
  25. The books are also different in that there is a stock exchange from inactive ones. There are referrals whose referrers are blocked or deleted.

For several years I have been receiving payments from this project and I have never had any problems with this. Anyone who is not registered on this site, I strongly recommend to do this, it comes in handy for different purposes.

The reasons for choosing Wmmail from the total number of mail sponsors are compelling. Not just because it is put in first place in all ratings of the axle boxes.

In RuNet, he has no serious competitors yet, if we compare the functionality, popularity and number of active users. In addition, here most often add something new.

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