Why the blog does not develop? 4 reasons for the lack of development of the blog

Developing a blog is much easier than creating a huge amount of high-quality content for it, conducting an effective advertising campaign, achieving high positions in search results, and getting high traffic. Many newbies in the field of blogging do not understand why the blog they created does not develop, there are several explanations for this.

In this article, we have collected the most common problems of blogs that can hinder the development of the project, they need to timely identify and correct all the shortcomings, otherwise you will soon just drop your project.

Why the blog does not develop? 4 reasons for the lack of development of the blog

  1. The blog is not interesting. You have created a blog, developed or bought a beautiful design, took care of easy navigation and made a lot of other actions to make your project quality? And did you take care of your materials to be interesting to readers? First of all, when developing a blog, you need to think not about which pages will get in the index, when it will happen and what benefits will it bring you, first of all you need to think and what value is information on your resource. If a blog is full of not interesting posts, it is unlikely that it will gain much popularity, and its visitors will return.
  2. Over-advertising. In some cases, pursuing high profits, many bloggers completely forget about the development of their resources. Installing a huge number of ad units, as well as posts for selling links, they do not take into account that this can repel visitors. Think about it, when in each article about car repairs you are invited to buy a ticket or toys, will you trust the information? Monetization of the blog should be carried out correctly, if you decide to offer something to your readers, then it must be interesting to them and should not be intrusive.
  3. No optimization. Many novice bloggers believe that it is possible and not at all to engage in optimization, and the blog will be developed exclusively through unique content. This is a gross mistake, because you are abandoning one of the main goals - to get a lot of traffic from search engines. In order for your project in search results to be in high positions and get a lot of transitions, you will need to take care of optimization.
  4. Here are a few errors that novices make when optimizing websites:

    - I don’t use keywords at all or they don’t correctly select;
    - create texts for non-relevant keywords;
    - add too many keywords for maximum optimization;
    - do not buy links at all or increase the link mass with non-quality runs, registrations, etc. ;
    - do not optimize texts before their placement;
    - do not set up internal linking.

  5. These and many other errors are made by beginners, after which they wonder why their blog is not developing, but the answer is obvious, you are not engaged in optimization.
  6. Technical errors on the blog. This item could also be attributed to optimization, but we decided to make it separate. Technical aspects of the site are very important, for example, the correct setting of robots. txt or issuing correct errors in the transition, for example, on non-existing pages, can affect the speed of indexing the blog. A quality blog should be good from all sides, so your project should not have broken links, you should optimize images, databases and much more.

Why the blog does not develop? 4 reasons for the lack of development of the blog

Anyone who wants to become the owner of a quality blog should take into account the mistakes that beginners make and try not to allow them. If you ignore the simplest rules for bloggers, then you may not be surprised that your project is not developing at all.

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