Why sometimes brings the statistics of betters?

Before any major tournament, real fans are eagerly awaiting the start of the games to place sports bets.

They watched companionable matches, compared team statistics, evaluated the results of recent achievements, generally prepared. But everything can change drastically.

In betting, it is important to keep track of changes, since the champion of last year could lose even in qualifying games.

Such cases are rarely , however, they happen and people drop everything they put on an obvious favorite. Therefore it is necessary to use other factors when making forecasts.

Why sometimes brings the statistics of betters?

Between the seasons, the team spends several months break. During this time, anything can happen.

If a club played brilliantly last season, this does not indicate its success in the current tournament. Of course, there are strong teams that are not considered outsiders, but they can start to play a level weaker.

If you are a true fan and a gambler, use the best bookmakers. They do not delay payments and good coefficients.

There are often cases where a potentially strong team loses the first game of the season.

Odds in bookmakers will be high to defeat an outsider, so very few people will put money. Professionals know about it, so the first games of the most popular teams often make bets on opponents.

It is difficult to explain this phenomenon, sometimes the team plays, sometimes it is simply not motivated enough.

There is information that such matches intentionally merge to give points to weak teams by agreement. Although this you will never know, it is kept in the strictest confidence.

Why sometimes brings the statistics of betters?

A change of coach changes the statistics

It has already been repeatedly noted that the team performance changes after the coaching staff changes.

First, it brings about changes in the strategy of the game. Secondly, the players themselves are subject to stress, as they have to work with another mentor. All this instantly affects the results.

Relying on statistics in forecasting, be sure to pay attention if the trainer has changed. Learning more about coaching is not so difficult, no one hides the data, they leak into the news.

First, check the players ’personal relationship with the coach. Due to dissatisfaction with the new mentor, athletes will play worse.

If the team was weak and she had a good coach, this is a real chance to achieve the best results .

At the same time, financing must be taken into account; without him, even an experienced coach is unlikely to achieve a good game from athletes. We all remember how the game of the Russian national team changed, when changing coaches.

It is necessary to analyze the statistics of previous games of the team, but it is not the main indicator. The direct proof of this is the world champion of 2010 in Spain, and in 2014 their team did not even make it to 1/8.

Well, and how are the statistics affected? The gap between the championships for 4 years is a huge time for which many changes have occurred and they must be taken into account.

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