Why should a blogger search for themed blogs?

Not every user can effectively promote his blog, but all because he does not know about some tricks.

In addition to you, the network has a huge number of bloggers who invest some effort in the development of their projects, and you just need to use .

Why should a blogger look for topical blogs? If you build your own database of high-quality information sites, it will be useful to you for several purposes at once. Even if you are just thinking about creating a blog, you can start by selecting your database of the best subject blogs.

Why should a blogger search for themed blogs?

Benefits from the database of thematic blogs

  1. A constant stream of ideas. Of course, this is in part a copying of materials, but if you sign up for mailings from several large projects at once, you will receive a lot of useful information. First of all, it is an influx of ideas that can be used to write new posts. The idea is not new, but the article is written by you, and if you make the material better, you will have every chance of getting around the source. Please note that we do not recommend rewriting, we only suggest that you absorb new ideas for fresh posts.
  2. Competitor Analysis. Flowing point from the previous one. Analyzing the activities of other bloggers, and checking how they manage to reach high positions and get a lot of traffic, you can build your own site development strategy. At a minimum, you can check the pages from the TOP issue and select keywords from them, which is a huge help. Using simple programs like Textus Pro , check the density of the added keywords.
  3. Links and visitors. Without increasing the link weight in the development of the project is not enough, but with the help of thematic blogs, you can comment on posts and get links from Dofollow blogs. You can also contact their owners directly to purchase better links. All this will help not only to increase the reference mass, but also provide additional traffic.

By constantly visiting thematic blogs , you will never lag behind the society of bloggers and will be able to be a serious competitor.

You don’t even need to come up with something creative or new, you just have to do better than other webmasters to get around them in positions.

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