Why raise the rating of Vkontakte? How to score Vkontakte?

With the help of social networks you can not only find friends, share photos and communicate, many already use these projects to promote their sites.

To achieve great efficiency from the social profiles. networks can be, if you approach this wisely and actively seek to improve the rating.

Why raise the rating of Vkontakte? This popular Runet network can bring even more traffic to your sites than search engines. What is needed for this? Gain a high rating of your profile, and even better to use multiple accounts at once in order to distribute links on a large scale.

Why raise the rating of Vkontakte? How to score Vkontakte?

The popularity of Vkontakte is needed for SMO

Serious money is spent on the promotion of different profiles, and this is done for a reason. The fact is that with a network of advanced accounts, you can get great benefits. What depends on the number of clicks on the links established in social networks? From what attendance at the page.

The more people visit your profile, the more views and ad clicks, therefore, you need to increase the attendance rate in all available ways.

Due to the high rating, you get the following privileges:

  • leading positions in the lists of friends;
  • output of the profile in the block "Friends online ";
  • good positions when searching for Vkontakte.

All this will help you to attract as much traffic as possible to your pages, and it will be natural.

Of course, it is possible to buy cheat for 15-20 rubles and increase the number of profile views, but how effective will these views be? There is no benefit from the markups in this regard, therefore it is better to use them only to increase the rating.

Why raise the rating of Vkontakte? How to score Vkontakte?

And how to get Vkontakte rating?

You need to be active, leave as many posts as possible, cheat friends, put likes and so Further. It is good that all these actions can be automated.

For example, in there is a function to write likes under the latest news, in, there is an automatic "Chatterbox", these same programs provide other options that are sure to be useful for improving the rating.

Increase the rating of all Vkontakte pages that you have. Even if your site does not exist, you can use them to monetize through advertising. On Blogun, they pay well for placing links and advertisements on advertised pages, and the more popular you are, the more you can charge for posting.

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