Why pull with the answer, tricky business communication tactics

Regardless of the work chosen on the Internet, almost all moneymakers have to communicate with someone. Usually the conversation is conducted through correspondence. It happens, you write to a person, and you get answers for too long. This can be annoying, but some people do it on purpose, this is a tricky trick.

Why do I need to respond to messages with a delay? A lot of interesting books have been written on the topic of correctly communicating with customers and generally conducting business communication. Napoleon Hill in his "Think and Grow Rich" gave one interesting advice - wait 1 second to gain respect and popularity.

Why pull with the answer, tricky business communication tactics

Why delay with the answer?

Making it too long to wait for the interlocutor is not necessary, he may just lose interest in the conversation. However, a little time to pull only benefit. This technique is often used because it is beneficial. What brings a second delay in correspondence?

1. The interlocutor has time to speak

You should not answer the interlocutor even before he had time to ask something, even if you already know in advance how the conversation will continue. First, interrupting is not decent. Secondly, if you write in advance, the other person may feel stupid and predictable. It is better to wait a bit and let the person speak.

Why pull with the answer, tricky business communication tactics

Slow replies show that you are not indifferent to communication. In this case, we are talking about messages that are not written or in which there is no main issue. First, you show respect, then you get it back. Remember, if the status "Interlocutor types" hangs, it is better to wait.

2. You have time to concentrate

Some business books advise you to respond to messages without hesitation, even if you have to conduct dozens of dialogues at the same time. Perhaps this makes sense, but at any time you can make a mistake and send a message to the wrong person, or just give the wrong answer.

Why pull with the answer, tricky business communication tactics

After a little pause with the answer, you will have time to think. Choose the right words, formulate the message, remember the main purpose of the correspondence. At least for businessmen it is very important. One wrong message can ruin all correspondence and trust relationships.

3. Correctly expressing the thought

Quickly think of what needs to be answered does not always work. Typically, in this case, the words are used parasites like "How would", "Understand", etc. They only show the paucity of your vocabulary and spoil the overall impression. It is better to take a short pause in order to decide on the further development of the dialogue:

Why pull with the answer, tricky business communication tactics

What you understand in your head should be correctly presented to the interlocutor. He may not understand at all what is at stake and what is wanted of him. Put the soul in the message, put yourself in the place of the person with whom the dialogue is conducted. Try to explain everything in a language understandable to him.

4. You seem smarter

No one likes people who just talk without stopping. They do not hear others, and sometimes they do not understand what they are saying. When you take a slight pause before each answer, the other person gets the feeling that you are thinking about his question. As a result, the answer will seem literate and convincing.

Why pull with the answer, tricky business communication tactics

This technique is applicable not only in the business sphere. Even when they write friends or relatives, you call them in respect and show that communication with them is not indifferent. Only in this case it is necessary to give full and detailed answers, otherwise it seems that the interlocutor simply interferes with his messages.

Sly tricks should be used in all situations. Even the dialogue in the social network can change dramatically if one of the interlocutors delays the response messages a little. Try to apply the trick in communicating with friends, make your own conclusions.

Have you come across this page because you are doing business online? Remember, customers love compliments, give them away as often as possible.

Competent business communication is a whole art that has to be learned over the years. It does not matter whether you are a blogger, a freelancer or you are leading your Vkontakte group Learn to properly conduct dialogues and listen to the advice of professionals. The same Napoleon Hill, whose book was taken as the basis of this article, (quote from Wikipedia) "One of the great writers of success." A recognized genius who invented many tricks for entrepreneurs.

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