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Do you know why the word "Free" is used in many advertising campaigns? Because experienced marketers are aware of the magical effect of the word on an ordinary person.

The desire to get something for free is driven by a person, maybe you don’t even notice it, sometimes it’s happens on a subconscious level.

Do not be fooled by the word Free, because behind it often lies something absolutely not profitable.

Get a house for free by buying two bricks for a million rubles - an exaggerated, but a great example, so that you understand what this article is about. Not everything that is distributed for free does not bring profit to sellers.

Why not work for free? | Workion. ru

Why is it free, does it mean bad?

Everyone knows that free services in our country can be equated to their total absence.

A great example is free medicine, which is far from being funded by the money that private clinics have. People are happy to go to private hospitals to get proper service and high-level assistance.

Similar is found on every corner, nowhere and nothing is free. Even built roads, cleaning the porch, schooling, we pay for it all from our own pocket, somewhere in the form of taxes, somewhere in the housing bills and so on. It's time to forget about free gifts, all this is just an advertising move .

In one of our articles it was told how to distribute free money and get rich, but even there everything is done in order to ensure a comfortable life in the future.

This should be done wisely, because among the workers of the Internet, too often it happens that people work for free, thereby making a mistake.

Why not work for free? | Workion. ru

Why you can’t work for free?

Some will now doubt that someone is working for "just that." Perhaps you just read a few articles on the development of earnings on the Internet.

Almost every blogger tells beginner freelancers that you can work first for reviews and ratings without getting any money from employers.

On the one hand, it really works, but there are more minuses here:

  1. Your work will not be appreciated, because you did not have to pay for it.
  2. It is unlikely that you will make every effort if you know that nobody will pay you for the work.
  3. Over time, free work reduces activity, do not be surprised that you are too lazy to work.
  4. When you work “for nothing”, no time frame and norms are discussed, which is no longer a full order.
  5. Even if you are offered to do the work for free, promising future mountains of gold, it is better to give up. A solid employer will not ask to work without payment.
  6. In the end, working without a return, sooner or later you may run into financial problems.

Nobility and a desire to get a good reputation by offering free services is, of course, good. Nevertheless, it is necessary to understand that no one will work like this all his life, sooner or later the forces will simply end.

Most often, people agree to do something for free, in a good spirit or under the influence of alcohol.

Stop giving out such promises, make it a rule to evaluate your work. When then you list the list of duties that need to perform, you will definitely regret it.

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