Why it is so important to be the first to issue - Profit Hunter

Not so long ago, ThinkEyetracking conducted a study to find out how search engines, in particular Google, ordinary users of the world wide web look at search engines. They had something to compare with - the company conducted exactly the same research in 2005.

The results speak for themselves:

Why it is so important to be the first to issue - Profit Hunter

The study involved 30 people. A single-word tweeter was chosen as a guinea pig (as in 2005).

This data is confirmed by the calculations of Cornell University and AOL. According to them, users click on the first three sites in the issuance of 79% and 63% of cases, respectively.

Even if you compare it with a click-through card that I posted in the post “How to double the traffic in a few days,” changes in the behavior of surfers are noticeable.

If this goes on, rare surfers in a couple of years will (at least) scroll the issue page 🙂


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