Why it is impossible to work for interest to the freelancer?

Implementing a large project, conducting a powerful advertising campaign or developing quality landing pages is impossible without certain knowledge.

Many online entrepreneurs seek the support of experienced professionals, and to save money, they offer a portion of their income.

Freelancer's work for a percentage of income is not the best option, even if they offer more than half of the profits.

Who knows, maybe she won't be there at all or the client decides to drop you. To take such risks is simply stupid, and if you are willing to work for the fact that income will come in the future, why not start your own business?

The first thing that a freelancer should think about is the official registration of a share in a business. It is unlikely that your client will decide to draw up a contract and take you as a co-founder.

Without paperwork, you can forget about cooperation altogether, since the risks of remaining deceived are too high. But this is not the only reason for which it is better to give up work for a percentage:

  1. It is up to you to work on a certain part of the project, therefore you cannot be sure that everything will be done qualitatively. Other attracted freelancers may not try very hard or the client will save money by choosing newbies.
  2. It is impossible to determine what kind of contribution you make to future sales. Simply put, your work may be only partially related to sales performance. For example, if you draw covers for e-books, this is just one of many components.
  3. Clients never offer a decent percentage, since it is not profitable for them. An experienced freelancer understands that by agreeing to interest, he takes risks, and this should be paid for separately. If, nevertheless, you start to cooperate under such a scheme, ask for several times more than the average fixed price for services.
  4. It is possible that the client will actually pay a percentage of sales, but how many of them there will be, you will never know. What does an entrepreneur have to hide from you part of the statistics? When income is a matter of payment, the majority is not as friendly, sociable and kind.
  5. And if you cooperate with a large company, the situation is even more dangerous. Money from sales can be spent on anything, starting with paying wages to employees in the state and ending with the necessary reinvestment of the business. In this case, the profit will be zero and you will not get anything.

It is better to always refuse from such cooperation schemes, and also not to allow other 9 errors of freelancers.

Think about it yourself, is it really a competent entrepreneur and an honest person, would you decide to give you a part of your profit? If you were in his place, why give more, when you can pay a fixed amount, and then bring up a fortune.

Why it is impossible to work for interest to the freelancer?

The customer is not profitable to give a percentage of their profits, because if it is a serious matter, then it will start to bring big money. Freelancers should understand this, it is not beneficial for anyone to take them to share, so such offers often turn out to be a hoax.

Remote work has many advantages , but you need to correctly evaluate each offer in order not to work for free.

For percent of sales, do not work, even if they are high, for the most part, this is offered by fraudsters. In conclusion, I would only advise to learn the secrets of successful freelancers.

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