Why is the site not indexed? reasons for long indexing

While maintaining the site, you can face a huge number of different problems, one of which is the long-term indexation of new materials. The forums for webmasters often have the questions "Why is the site not indexed?", And there may be several reasons for this phenomenon.

If you also had to deal with the problem of the site not being indexed, you should immediately search for the cause and try to eliminate it. . You should not worry right away, your site can fully return the speed of indexation and even if some pages have flown out of the index, they can be returned back.

Why is the site not indexed? reasons for long indexing

Causes of long indexing

Before pointing out 4 reasons for the long indexing of a site, we recommend using the Twitter page, according to numerous user reviews, the speed of indexation increases factor of! You can organize a site run on twitter accounts in the service.

1. Configure robots. txt
In the panel for webmasters of Yandex, you can read how to help the robot index the site faster:

Why is the site not indexed? reasons for long indexing

Pay attention to the first item, exactly in it tells you how to set up a robots file. txt. It would not be superfluous to read the rest of the recommendations. It is possible that the indexing rate dropped so much that you saw a problem with that.

2. Problems on the hosting.
The next reason why your resource is indexed for a very long time is systematic failures on the hosting side. When the search robot goes to any resource, but it is not available, the next visit to the site may not be at all soon.

This is stated in the rules of search engines and therefore, when choosing a hosting provider, you need to be careful. In the article Which hosting is better? We described several stable hosting providers.

If you contacted the technical support of search engines and you were told that the site was unavailable, think about changing the hosting. The most common problems with indexing due to inaccessibility are manifested with Google.

3. Not unique content.
A serious problem, because of which you can not only not wait for indexation, but your resource can also fall under the filters. The fact that your site has not unique articles, you will also learn from the support of search engines. In the free Etxt Anti-plagiarism program, there is a special function for detecting non-unique articles on the site:

Why is the site not indexed? reasons for long indexing

It is possible that non-unique content appeared on your site after you bought articles on the exchange. Not all authors are bona fide and conduct double sales.

4. Reoptimization of the site.
Also a serious problem, according to which the site may be under the filters. If you used keywords, actively bought links and performed other optimization actions, then begin to check how high the quality link mass of your site is, how high the concentration of keywords is, etc.

If you have a young website, then long indexing is normal. Google search engine takes young sites rather quickly, in about 2 weeks. As for Yandex, there are cases when the first indexation has to wait about 2 months.

In the end, the reason for the long indexing may be a common technical error that occurred at one of the stages of the robot visiting your site. In this case, it will be enough to contact those. search engine support and most likely, your platform will be indexed soon.

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