Why investments do not make a profit?

Profitable deposits are a direct road to financially independent life. You need to invest wisely, because not everyone is lucky.

Success in this matter depends not only on how much the start-up capital was able to raise, but also on how the investor behaves. There are plenty of examples where even large investments did not lead people to big profits.

Who exactly will not become a successful investor? The topic of investing on our blog has a whole section. There we tell where to invest in a crisis, what mistakes should not be made, who should be leveled at, which directions are the most profitable, and we understand complex terms.

All this helps people create sources of income, but their profitability is different.

Why investments do not make a profit?

You can blame the economy for a long time, some websites, sin on fraudsters, but the main reason for the low return on deposits is your actions.

Not everyone can become a successful investor. Although you can always change, and in this article we will examine what properties of a person's psycho-type can negatively affect the achievement of success.

The behavior of a person and his attitude to money is made up of two factors. Firstly , this is a genotype, so to say “inheritance” from our parents. Secondly , this is a phenotype - our knowledge, skills, experience, surrounding society.

Unfortunately, this can negatively affect the success in investing, and you need to think about this:

  1. Emotions - you can not show when it comes to money . In a good mood or you are depressed, it is necessary to soberly evaluate all financial matters. Even spontaneous purchases may limit additional investment. An investor should always think about assets and not give in to emotionality.
  2. Patience - it is constantly lacking for people who start small. It is foolish to think that starting to invest, in a couple of months you will begin to consider bundles of money, and not individual bills. Personally, I had to spend several years and invest almost everything that was to create passive sources of profit.
  3. Persistence - no type of investment can be called risk free. The share of risk is present in any case and you need to be prepared for failure. I myself have come across dozens of projects in which I invested, but did not get a return. It is important not to lose your desire for wealth.
  4. Faith - if you ever hear from a person “Investing is not mine,” consider him weak. Absolutely everyone can make profitable investments, regardless of age and income level. Believe in your strength, do not limit yourself and do not consider yourself to be stupid.
  5. Greed - on the one hand a bad trait, on the other hand, it pushes to invest even more and increase capital. Stop wasting your money, learn to remember your financial situation, even when you take out a few hundred rubles from your pocket. Save and invest, otherwise you will not become richer.

To achieve something in life, you have to change. Only a few are born with the "streak" of a successful businessman or investor. We need to go to this, and experience plays a key role.

Why investments do not make a profit?

Certain restrictions do not apply the correct behavior in life, but it is foolish to assume that nothing can be changed.

There are a lot of examples of how people achieved success even in 50 years through investments. It would seem that at this age it is too late to change, but it is not. No matter how old you are, you can always become a different person.

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