Why does the site slow down? low download speed site

The overall quality of sites is determined by many different criteria, including the speed of its loading. Using popular CMS such as Joomla or WordPress, the reasons for downloading a site can be quite a lot. But do not worry, being the administrator of the resource, you can easily fix it.

Why does the site slow down? I once had to look for the answer to this question by observing problems on one of my resources. In 90% of cases, the main problem of slow loading is too complex site template. Of course, you want your playground to look beautiful, and there are a lot of positions for placing blocks on it, but the speed of the site is much more important.

Why does the site slow down? low download speed site

Slow loading site

After I started looking for problems in the template, I was able to detect a number of unnecessary objects that I immediately removed:

  • A huge number of additional plug-ins.
  • A lot of unnecessary documents (references, instructions, etc.).
  • Various widgets for the site.
  • Extra scripts in the code.
  • A large set of different fonts.

Why is it worth using quality templates?

I won't say that all free templates are bad - among them you can pick out a lot of quality and thoughtful ones. What exactly in the template may be wrong and because of this, the speed of loading the site drops:

  • A large number of calls to databases.
  • The presence of unnecessary (unused) scripts.
  • Incorrect connection of modules and calls to scripts.
  • Huge additional functionality.
  • A large number of additional plug-ins.
  • Errors in the template itself.

It’s far not everyone can fix all these shortcomings, so before creating a resource it is strongly recommended to involve a specialist who can check all the details of the template and uniquely identify it. Thus, you will not only get a quality, but also a unique template that search engines will consider a positive thing.

The reason for slow loading of your site may not be the right choice of hosting. Unfortunately, not every company providing hosting services provides high speed and uses high-quality equipment. In this case, the only way out is to change the hosting.

Why does the site slow down? low download speed site

If you have already installed the site and used a free template, we advise you to seriously consider a mass “cleaning”. Remove everything that you do not need and will not come in handy when using the site. Even a few large plug-ins can cause a slow download site.

Also pay attention to the code of your template, if you do not understand HTML at all, on the freelance exchanges you can find a specialist who can help you fix everything for a small amount of money.

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