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Google updates its algorithms on average more than once a day. Last month, after another tweak of the algorithm, many small sites lost their long-tailed traffic. Many noted that this figure was about 30%. What is long-tailed traffic? This is traffic on long keys or phrases.

And now the million dollar question: why did Google decide to cut so much long tail traffic and where did it go?

Well. I run into an SEO company and, to my surprise, I see that Google had blatant holes in the algorithm, which allowed piarist sites with a big trust to crawl in issuance on long-tailed keys, throwing back many small and weak ones. When people realized that they could get a lot of ball traffic, millions of pages of floodgates (gateways) from publishers appeared on the Internet. Moreover, these one-page sites were of very poor quality in terms of content written illiterately, with errors and on the machine.

This “hole” exists to this day. Google has taken measures to combat such spam pages. The reason for such a quick response is user confidence. For PS it’s important to keep the issue clean and to keep the users trust in Google’s ability to issue relevant pages

While Google is struggling with spam sites, traffic will continue to move away from small sites and flow to trust and PR sites. I believe that this will become even more noticeable in a few years when the same trust authority resources fill the issue with short keywords. , as they are doing it now. The logic of PS behavior to such sites is simple: if the site is fat and PR, then you have to publish good and high-quality content, which means that it skips content more transparently than if it were a small site. PS itself has confidence in such sites and it does not allow the thought of bad things. PS This is a paradise for Russian optimizers. Google is a mug.

What if you are small and new? The answer is simple: "You must become reliable and get the word from google. ” In our Russian language, you should create high-quality websites with white content and originality. To increase trust, you can not do without the media and SMO, PPC. Include more video and audio here. Google is becoming a public search engine and simple SEO tricks and optimization can not do. What is important is the element of marketing and social needs.

The article is based on material from Vedran Tomic, SEO Rabbit .

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